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November 2009

Minority ob-gyns encouraged by powerful mentors

October 2009

Advances in breast cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment

September 2009

Liability issues continue to cause changes in practice; How to manage patients with depression during pregnancy

August 2009

How much weight patients should gain in pregnancy

July 2009

New president to focus on postpartum depression

May 2009

Front desk staff presents the face of your practice; Ob-gyn finds more than a hobby in art of glassblowing

April 2009

ACM program expands in return to Windy City; ACOG members invited to revamped ACM meeting

March 2009

Patient safety expert to lead off ACM President’s Program; Fran Drescher to speak at the ACM

February 2009

Ob-gyns get motivated to lead healthier lives; ACOG’s new business organization created to meet members’ needs

January 2009

New administration to tackle health care reform; President-Elect Obama urged to protect women’s reproductive rights

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