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Friday, February 27, 2015

Today's Headlines is prepared daily to help keep you informed about news affecting women's health care and ob-gyn. This brief is derived from the four major national newspapers: The New York TimesThe Washington PostUSA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. Please note that the WSJ requires a paid subscription to access articles. 

The New York Times
"US Push for Abstinence in Africa Is Seen as Failure Against HIV"
The $1.3 billion that the United States government has spent since 2005 encouraging Africans to avoid AIDS by practicing abstinence and fidelity did not measurably change sexual behavior and was largely wasted, according to a study presented on the last day of an AIDS conference in Seattle...Read more.

"Fatality Rate Is Falling in West African Ebola Clinics"

As the Ebola epidemic in West Africa wanes, physicians from Doctors Without Borders are confronting a mystery: More of their patients are surviving. They do not know why...
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"Nothing Is Wrong With Your Sex Drive"
Op-Ed: Flibanserin, in case you haven’t heard, is a drug intended to treat low sexual desire in women. The biggest problem with the drug—and with the FDA’s consideration of it—is that its backers are attempting to treat something that isn’t a disease...
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The Washington Post 
"The Terrifying Rate at Which Smokers Die From Smoking"
Two-thirds of smokers will die early from cigarette-triggered illness—unless they choose to kick the habit, according to new research from Australia. The study of more than 200,000 people, published this week in BMC medicine, found about 67 percent of smokers perished from smoking-related illness...Read more.

USA Today
"New Surgery: Tackling Spina Bifida in the Womb"
Meaning "split spine," the condition occurs when the spinal bones fail to fuse together as they should, almost like a zipper as a fetus grows. In the worst cases, the spinal cord and nerves protrude through the opening like a sac. Now, the University of Michigan Health System has become one of 13 hospitals in the country to perform surgery to partially correct the malformation—not after the birth, but while the fetus is still inside the mother...
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The Wall Street Journal
"Biggest US Health Insurer Tightens Rules on Hysterectomy Coverage"
The nation’s largest health insurer is imposing tighter controls on its coverage for hysterectomies after more than a year of debate over a medical device that was found to spread hidden cancer in some women undergoing the procedure. “These decisions are best made between a physician and a patient, not a third party administrative decision-maker,” the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, the field’s main medical society, said...
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"Generic Drug-Safety Rules Debated"
Should generic drug makers update product labels on their medicines when they learn of safety risks? The question is being fiercely debated because federal law doesn’t allow generic drug makers to do so independently, unless a change has already been made to the corresponding brand-name medicine...
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Today's Headlines

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