WEBTREATS are quick guides to Internet resources prepared by Resource Center Librarians.

Quick Tips for Finding, Evaluating, Processing, and Organizing Information on the Web  Updated 9/27/2017

Adolescent/Pediatric Health   Updated 7/19/2017

Aging  Updated 6/13/2016

Alternative Medicine   Updated 7/19/2017

Articles for Maintenance of Certification (ABOG ABCs)   Updated 4/14/2016

Associations, Medical/Healthcare Updated 5/30/2019

Bioethics Updated 5/9/2016

Cancer Information    Updated 7/19/2017

Cardiovascular Health for Women    Updated 7/19/2017

Career Planning for Ob/Gyn Residents    Updated 9/28/2017

Communication in Health Care Updated 7/19/2017

Consumer Health   Updated 7/19/2017

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Information   Updated 7/19/2017

Cultural Competency  Updated 7/19/2017

Depression and Postpartum Depression Updated 5/30/2019

Diet, Weight Management and Obesity Updated 7/19/2017

Disaster Preparedness Resources    Updated 9/10/2018

Disease Outbreaks  Updated 10/3/2017 ZIKA VIRUS added

Domestic Violence  Updated 9/27/2017

Drug Information  Updated 7/19/2017

End of Life Care   Updated 4/1/2016

Evidence-Based Medicine  Updated 5/9/2016

Exercise and Physical Fitness  Updated 9/27/2017

Family Planning and Abortion  Updated 9/27/2017

Financial Assistance and Low-Cost Health Care Updated 3/31/2016

Foreign Language Health Information Updated 4/26/2016

Genetics and Genomics  Updated 4/6/2016

Guidelines Updated 3/24/2015

Health Disparities Updated 7/19/2017

Health Insurance, the Uninsured, and Health Care Reform Updated 7/21/2017

History of Medicine  Updated 5/9/2016

How to Find a Women's Health Care Physician on the World Wide Web  Updated 7/21/2017

Human Trafficking  9/27/2017

Lesbian and Bisexual Health  Updated 9/28/2017

Medical/Healthcare Associations and Organizations  Updated 5/30/2017

Medical Images   Updated 7/21/2017

Medical Tourism    Updated 10/3/2017

Menopause Updated 7/21/2017

Online Medical Journals  Updated 4/12/2012

Organizations, Medical/Healthcare Updated 3/27/2014 

Patient Safety  Updated 6/9/2016

Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Updated 4/29/2016

Performance Measures and Quality Improvement Updated 6/1/2016

Preconception Care  Updated 5/30/2019

Pregnancy Updated 7/21/2017

Professional Liability  Updated 6/6/2016

Rape Prevention Resources on the World Wide Web  Updated 10/2/2017

Resources for Disabled, Impaired or Reentering Physicians  Updated 7/21/2017

Resources for Women with Disabilities Updated 7/19/2017

Searching MEDLINE (OVID) on the World Wide Web    Updated 4/14/2016

Searching MEDLINE (PubMed) on the World Wide Web  Updated 4/16/2016

Searching The Cochrane Library on Wiley InterScience  Updated 4/16/2016

Sex and Sexuality Updated 7/24/2017

Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/AIDS Updated 11/14/2017

Smoking Prevention and Control   Updated 10/2/2017

Statistics Resources  Updated 5/31/2016

Substance Abuse and Alcoholism Updated Updated 7/24/2017

Teratology/Toxicology Updated 10/3/2017

Transgender Health  Updated 9/28/2017

Vaccines   Updated 10/3/2017

For current updates, print versions or other topics in the ACOG WEBTREATS series please contact the ACOG Resource Center at resources@acog.org.



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