2015-2018 Fellow Section Officer Positions

District I Sections


Chile Chair
Mauricio A. Cuello, MD

Chile Vice Chair
Omar N. Nazzal, MD


Connecticut Chair
Lance R. Bruck, MD

Connecticut Vice Chair
Julia A. Cron, MD

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Chair
Ellen M. Joyce, MD

New Hampshire Vice Chair
Cynthia S. Cooper, MD

New Hampshire Secretary/Treasurer

District II Sections

New York Section 1

New York Section 1 Chair
Laura MacIsaac, MD, MPH

New York Section 1 Vice Chair
Noah D. Kauff, MD

New York Section 1 Secretary/Treasurer
Aleksandr M. Fuks, MD

New York Section 4

New York Section 4 Chair
Wendy Fried, MD

New York Section 4 Vice Chair
Burton L. Rochelson, MD

New York Section 7

New York Section 7 Chair
Howard A. Blanchette, MD

New York Section 7 Vice Chair
David J. Berck, MD, MPH

New York Section 7 Secretary/Treasurer
Linus Chuang, MD, MPH

District III Sections

New Jersey

New Jersey Chair
Donald M. Chervenak, MD

New Jersey Vice Chair
Thomas Westover, MD

New Jersey Secretary/Treasurer
Michael Sbarra, MD

District IV Sections


Georgia Chair
Victoria L. Green, MD, JD, MBA

Georgia Vice Chair
David B. Byck, MD

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Chair
Nabal Jose Bracero, MD

Puerto Rico Vice Chair
Daniel I. Hernandez, MD


Virginia Chair
Christian A. Chisholm, MD

Virginia Vice Chair
Dale W. Stovall, MD

Virginia Secretary/Treasurer
Ami H. Keatts, MD

District V Sections


Indiana Chair
James E. Sumners, MD

Indiana Vice Chair
Mary P. Abernathy, MD, MS

Indiana Secretary
Brownsyne M. Tucker Edmonds, MD, MS, MPH

Indiana Treasurer
Jon K. Hathaway, MD


Ontario Chair
Nathan L. Roth, MD

Ontario Vice Chair
Peter D. Watt, MD

Ontario Treasurer
Marina A. Straszak-Suri, MD

District VI Sections


Iowa Chair
Marygrace Elson, MD, MME

Iowa Vice Chair
Susan Wing Lipinski, MD

Iowa Secretary/Treasurer
Colleen M. Stockdale, MD, MS


Manitoba Chair
Wendy Hooper, MD

Manitoba Vice Chair
Lynne M. Sabeski, MD

North Dakota

North Dakota Chair
David A. Billings, MD

North Dakota Vice Chair
Stephanie K. Dahl, MD

District VII Sections


Arkansas Chair
William W. Greenfield, MD

Arkansas Vice Chair
Michael G. Cope, MD

Arkansas Secretary/Treasurer
Kyle Citty, MD


Mississippi Chair
C. Shannon Carroll, Sr, DO

Mississippi Vice Chair
D. Paul Seago, MD

Mississippi Secretary/Treasurer
Brandy R. Patterson, MD


Tennessee Chair
Leonard A. Brabson, MD

Tennessee Vice Chair
Victor M. Feldbaum, MD

Tennessee Secretary/Treasurer
David J. Soll, MD

District VIII Sections

British Columbia

British Columbia Chair
Alan P. Hunt, MD

British Columbia Vice Chair


Colorado Chair
Steven C. Holt, MD

Colorado Vice Chair
Alethia E. Morgan, MD

Colorado Treasurer
Carol A. Stamm, MD

Colorado Secretary


Hawaii Chair
Greigh I. Hirata, MD

Hawaii Vice Chair
Jennifer Salcedo, MD, MPH, MPP

Hawaii Secretary/Treasurer
John C. H. Lee, MD

New Mexico

New Mexico Chair
Sharon Phelan, MD

New Mexico Vice Chair
Michael S. Ruma, MD, MPH

New Mexico Secretary/Treasurer
Rebecca G. Rogers, MD


Oregon Chair
Eric Warshaw, MD

Oregon Vice Chair
Nicole E. Marshall, MD, MCR

Oregon Secretary
Carrie F. Miles, MD, MPH

Oregon Treasurer
Michael Lee, MD

District IX Sections

California Section 2

California Section 2 Chair
Yair J. Blumenfeld, MD

California Section 2 Vice Chair
Susan Crowe, MD

California Section 3 

California Section 3 Chair
Stewart W. Mason, MD

California Section 3 Vice Chair
Kelleen M. Bosch, DO

California Section 6

California Section 6 Chair
Kenneth H.H. Wong, MD

California Section 6 Vice Chair
Hai-Lang Duong, MD, MS

District X Sections


Army Chair
Lisa M. Foglia, MD

Army Vice Chair
Howard L. Curlin, MD

Army Vice Chair-Retired
Holly L. Olson, MD

District XI Sections

Texas Section 2

Texas Section 2 Chair
G. Sealy Massingill, MD

Texas Section 2 Vice Chair
Amit I. Patel, MD

Texas Section 2 Secretary/Treasurer
Patricia C. Santiago-Munoz, MD

Texas Section 5

Texas Section 5 Chair
Brian W. Harle, MD

Texas Section 5 Vice Chair
Patrick S. Ramsey, MD, MSPH

Texas Section 5 Secretary/Treasurer
Margaret A. Kelley, MD

District XII Sections

Florida Section 3

Florida Section 3 Chair
Eileen Farwick, DO

Florida Section 3 Vice Chair
Stephen Snow, MD

Florida Section 6

Florida Section 6 Chair
Elizabeth A. Etkin-Kramer, MD

Florida Section 6 Vice Chair
Steven J. Ory, MD

* Denotes an appointed position

Please contact Megan Willis (mwillis@acog.org; 202/863-2531) if you have any election related questions or concerns.


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