Episode 3: History of Women’s Care - Part 1

A podcast by the Kansas Section Junior Fellows where we discuss Kansas women's health issues, sips at a time

Episode 3: History of Women’s Care - Part 1 (Published September 8, 2016)


Dr. Jimmie A. Gleason is a retired ob-gyn. Trained at the University of Kansas, he was one of the leaders of ob-gyn policy implementation in the late 20th century including helping to found the Kansas Medical Mutual Insurance Company (KaMMCO), managing a successful practice in Topeka, Kansas, and participating in many Kansas Section ACOG activities.  In the 1970s, he established a school for pregnant teens in Topeka.


Tea Time with an OB-GYN is a nonpartisan podcast to discuss local issues pertinent to Kansan ob-gyns, including Medicaid expansion, midwifery practice, and more. Our goal is to get residents in Kansas engaged in local politics, whatever their beliefs. New episodes are released quarterly, or as new issues arise. If you would like to submit a discussion topic, leave a comment, or are interested in being a guest on the podcast, please click here.

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Frances Grimstad, MD
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A special thanks to Bo Osborn for the use of his studio in recording and producing this podcast.


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