Obstetric Hemorrhage



Obstetric Hemorrhage Bundle

Note   Slide Set

Note   Risk Assessment Tables:
       Prenatal & Antepartum
       Labor & Delivery Admission and Intrapartum

Note   Checklists:
       Hemorrhage Stages 1-4
       Recommended Instruments
       (HEM Cart & Medication Kit)

Note   Posters:
       Managing Maternal Hemorrhage
       Massive Transfusion Protocol (Blood Bank)
       Surgical Management



Note   Hemabate Distribution Protocol
       February 20, 2018


Guidance Documents

Note   Patients Who Decline Blood Products

Note   Morbidly Adherent Placenta
           Supplemental guidance for anemic patients


Additional Resources

Note   Obstetric Hemorrhage Simulation & Drills Info

Note   Obstetric Team Debriefing Form

Note   CMQCC Obstetric Hemorrhage Simulation & Drills Information

Note   AWHONN Quantification of Blood Loss Video

Note   AWHONN Postpartum Hemorrhage Project


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