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All SMI participating hospitals were encouraged and invited to take part in a Culture Assessment Survey (CAS) in preparation for SMI bundle implementation. Ninety-one hospitals across the state participated, with over 2,700 respondents. Upon completion, the surveys were analyzed and a report was generated back to each individual hospital that compared their results in six benchmark areas to hospitals providing the same level of obstetric care and with the statewide average.

The following hospitals are being recognized and featured for their remarkable efforts in survey completion. Not only did they score above average in each element of the survey, they also had participation from all professional groups within their obstetric unit! A clear demonstration of the dedication and commitment to support a culture of patient safety and quality improvement. We applaud these hospitals and thank all those who completed the survey – we look forward to highlighting your continued success.

Featured HospitalsColumbia Memorial Hospital
Featured HospitalsFF Thompson Hospital
Featured HospitalsSouth Nassau Communities Hospital
Featured HospitalsStaten Island University Hospital
Featured HospitalsUnited Memorial Medical Center


The Culture Assessment Survey is a psychometrically validated tool designed by Salus Global to evaluate the environmental factors within a unit that support a culture of patient safety. The results provide insight into the unit's culture and can be used to help shape the strategies necessary to successfully implement the SMI Bundles.


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