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Utilize this tool to update your education and training, apply self-assessment tools, review reference and resource materials, books, articles and websites. This step-by-step tutorial offers an opportunity to enhance provider competency in standardized nomenclature, interpretation, and management of FHR tracings.

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  • Interactive, web-based EFM courses that guide you through actual clinical case scenarios, reinforce NICHD definitions and clinical management issues. These courses enable facilities to provide education of fetal monitoring to their obstetric teams that help meet patient safety standards.
  • Certification and competencies covered in this online toolkit can be used as the most recent evidence-based recommendations on how to create and deliver safe obstetric care. This information can help inform decision requirements for credentialing and privileging at your institution.
  • Tools and resources are provided within to help prepare you for obtaining certification such as the National Certification Corporation (NCC) EFM exam.
  • Already certified in EFM? Use the quick guide section of this online toolkit where the standardized management model poster and access to modules that can be used for reference, teaching tools or to test your own knowledge base of EFM.

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The New York State Obstetric Safety Initiative was a two-year quality improvement initiative with the goal of improving fetal outcomes in New York State by standardizing the method by which obstetric team members interpret, communicate, document, and manage Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) tracings. The Initiative was a collaboration between the Healthcare Association of New York State, ACOG and the New York State Department of Health and was funded by the New York State Health Foundation.


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