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Greatly expanded, updated and easily navigable recorded program

This recorded slide program, Reproductive Health Care for Women with Disabilities  assists women's health care clinicians with office skills to assist with their care of women with physical, developmental or sensory disabilities giving specific information for reproductive health care. The updated program includes:

Disability facts
The GYN examination           
Psychosocial issues
GYN Health Screening
Menses and AUB
Pregnancy and Parenting

Bladder and Bowel Considerations
Diet, Weight and Exercise
Adolescent Issues
Aging and Osteoporosis
Mobility disabilities
Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Sensory Disabilities
ADA Requirements and Incentives
Disability Culture
Access and Office Solutions
Extensive Resources

This program was recorded by Raymond L Cox, Jr., MD, MBA, FACOG and Caroline Signore, MD, MPH, FACOG. Elisabeth Quint, MD, FACOG served as faculty chair.

A Powerpoint presentation with scripted notes is available for download. 

To use the slides below with notes, download them to your computer in the Powerpoint format. 

  • Part 1 includes an overview of the program,The Scope of Disability in Women, and Psychosocial Issues.
  • Part 2 includes The GYN Examination, GYN Health Screening, Sexually Transmitted Disease and Skin Examination
  • Part 3 encompases Medical and Reproductive Considerations. Modules indlude: Contraception; Menses and Abnormal Uterine Bleeding; Pregnancy and Parenting; Urinary and Bowel Considerations; Diet, Physical Activity and Weight; Adolescent Health; and Aging and Osteoporosis.  
  • Part 4 encompases Reproductive Health Specific to Disability. Modules include: Spinal Cord Injury, Spina Bifida, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and Sensory Disabilities. 
  • Part 5 encompases Access to Health Care. Modules include: ADA Requirements and Incentives, Disability Culture, and  Universal Design/Office Practice Solutions 
  • Part 6 is the Resources Section with links to resources for providers, patients and those who care for them. 


Jeanne Mahoney

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