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Online Public Access Catalog

The Resource Center Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) is available at: or through the College Intranet.


When you open the OPAC it will take you to the Advanced Search screen.

The other search options are Browse Search (searches specific fields), and Simple Search (searches by keyword). 

Advanced Search can be used for more complex searches, uses Boolean functionality (AND, OR and NOT) to combine concepts to find information.


Title: obstetrician AND Author: Schulkin AND Subject: Attitude of Health Personnel

Another option is to use the pull down menu to change the search fields:  Title to words: obstetrician AND Author to Subject: Attitude of Health Personnel OR Subject: Decision Making.

Other Advanced Search tips:

To search for a journal title use the full title such as:

Title:  Obstetrics & Gynecology (for common titles you will need to use limits—more on that later)

To search for a citation in a specific journal use the MEDLINE title abbreviation such as:

Word(s): obstet gynecol (use limits to narrow your search)

To search for a phrase use “quotes” to help limit your results (this works in Simple Search too).

Limiting and sorting results:

You can limit your search to narrow your results.  To do this click on Show search options.

Some of the useful limits are (picked from drop down lists):

Type of media: Book, Journal, Article, or Audiovisual

Location: History Library, Resource Center

Collection: Reading Room—Journals, Vertical Files, History Reading Room

Year of Publication: A specific year (2000) or a range of years (2000-2006)

Change search method: Match all, Match any, or Exact phrase

For spelling variations use the * to find terms such as obstet* for obstetrics, obstetrician, etc.  The OPAC can also automatically search for variations; searching for Address will also return results on addresses or addressing

To sort results use the drop down menu after your initial search. 

Some of these features are:

Sorting in ascending or descending order

By author

By title

By year of publication

When you are ready to start another search click on the start over icon to refresh your screen.

Printing or Emailing Results                      

Start by checking the boxes to the left of the results you want individually, or select the results by checking the box at the top to select all.

Above the results are two icons for printing or emailing results.  Select the appropriate icon to receive your results. 

When printing, you will see another window pop up with your results, and the printer driver will automatically launch and once print is selected your records will print at the selected printer.

When sending results by email, you will see another window pop up that asks for your email address.  Enter the email you would like the results sent to and click on send. 

Do not forget to periodically check for new books in the Resource Center.  Use the Lists link a top of the page.


Simple search allows for searching by a keyword or phrase.  Results will be displayed in order of relevancy or title order.  You can change the results by using the limiting features and/or by using the sorting features.

In the search field type in the term(s) you want to search for:

Sample  -  Attitude of Health Personnel 

You may get many hits.  You can limit these results by using the limit features discussed on the previous page.

Limits for Simple Search include:

TI=“keyword” -  to limit the search to just those titles

AU=“author”  -  to limit the search to just that author

SU=“subject”  -  to limit the search to just that known subject


Browse search allows you to search by a specific category using the drop down list. Some of the most useful categories are:




Call Number

Year of Publication

Search results appear in alphabetical order beginning with the nearest field matching the information you entered.

To view your search results:

Select which results you would like to preview.

Click on Find to see a list of titles.

Click on Browse List to see the original search result.

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