Resource Center FAQs

Q: What is the Resource Center?

The Resource Center is the College library, Historical Collection, and History Museum. We have over 12,000 volumes, 300 journal titles, 500 reference files, the College publication archives, the J. Bay Jacobs Library for the History of Obstetrics and Gynecology in America, and the Ralph W. Hale, MD History Museum.

Q: How do I contact the Resource Center?

A: You can contact the Resource Center by e-mail (, by phone (202-863-2518 9-5 Eastern Time), by fax (202-484-1595), or by mail (Resource Center, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, 409 12th St. SW, Washington DC 20024). Please provide your full name, affiliation, postal address, phone number, e-mail address, your exact request, and the purpose of your request. We need to know your affiliation and the purpose of your request so that we can tailor our response to fit your needs.

Q: How do Resource Center staff respond to my question?

A: We usually mail sample materials and other items.  The majority of our requests are answered via e-mail. We can only fax in a medical emergency to a health care provider, as we do not have the staff and resources to fax routinely. Most requests are handled within two working days, but allow up to two weeks to receive it in the mail.

Q: What services can I obtain from the Resource Center?

A: The four professional librarians and two support staff primarily serve College staff and College members, but some services are available to the public. These services include answering questions about College publications, providing samples and order forms for College materials, physician referral, and ready reference services. We do not charge for these services.

Q: How can I get the College's published positions on specific topics?

A: Resource Center staff can answer basic questions about published College guidelines, such as obstetric anesthesia, frequency of Pap test screening, and contents of prenatal care visits. Our response will usually be sent via e-mail. Because the answer to a question about guidelines must be researched and often involves reviewing several documents, we cannot answer most guidelines questions over the phone. We cannot provide answers for questions the College has not addressed or interpret the contents of published guidelines. Questions that we cannot answer will be referred to the staff of the appropriate ACOG committees.

Q: How do I request published College guidelines on specific topics?

A: Please provide your full name and contact information, including your affiliation and purpose of your request. If you are looking for withdrawn guidelines, please read and follow that question below. We will usually e-mail you copies of relevant separately issued documents, and pages or ordering information for any College book publications (e.g. GUIDELINES FOR PERINATAL CARE). Sometimes we will respond by mail. We can only fax to health care providers in medical emergencies.

Q: How do I obtain samples of College publications?

A: Resource Center staff are happy to send you a single copy of up to 10 current titles from the patient education pamphlet series as well as current order forms and indices, upon request. We also provide samples of current ACOG "superbills," women's health record, obstetric history form, antepartum forms, and postpartum forms. College members can access the full text of College documents in the members' section of the College Web site.

Q: How do I order College publications?

A: The current College catalog is available on the College Bookstore's website ( You can place orders online or by phone through the College Bookstore website, or request that a copy of the catalog be mailed to you.

Q: How do I obtain withdrawn publications?

A: Resource Center staff provide information on and photocopies of withdrawn College publications. Because the College has published hundreds of documents since 1951 and new documents are being published and older ones withdrawn almost every month, we need to know the exact month and year of the alleged incident before answering your question. We will let you know what documents were in effect on the date of the alleged incident and how to obtain copies of them. All orders for withdrawn publications must be prepaid by check or by credit card. The quickest way to obtain materials is to send your order and check by Federal Express, give us your Federal Express account number, and we will send the materials back to you by Federal Express or by e-mail, fax, or other express carrier.

Q: Can Resource Center staff answer my personal medical questions?

A: Resource Center staff are happy to provide copies of College patient education pamphlets related to your topic - the College publishes more than 100 titles in the Patient Education Pamphlet series. We can also refer you to Obstetrician Gynecologist members in your area, to subspecialists, if appropriate, and to other relevant organizations and support groups. However, only your own health care provider, who is familiar with your medical situation, can counsel you on the best options for your care. The Resource Center is not a hotline.

Q: How do I find an ob-gyn?

A: You can search for College members by name, zip code, or state on the College home page ( At the top of the page click on For Patients, then Find an Ob/Gyn. The results will include physicians' names, city and state, zip code, and membership status. You can then get specific addresses and phone numbers through the local phone book or directory assistance. Non-member ob-gyns will not be listed in the Physician Directory, but over 90% of Board-certified ob-gyns are Fellows of the College.

Resource Center staff can provide a list of members in your area, as well as subspecialists, if appropriate. We have lists of subspecialists in maternal-fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinology, and gynecologic oncology. We do not have lists of physicians who specialize in a specific technique (e.g. myomectomy) or disease (e.g. endometriosis). These lists are only available to patients who need an ob-gyn, or to physicians who need to refer patients to a subspecialist or to an ob-gyn in another area.

Q: How do I request MEDLINE searches from the Resource Center?

A: College members: Complimentary MEDLINE searches are available to College members for topics in women's health. We also include copies of any relevant College guidelines and of up to five articles from our collection. Please provide your name, membership number, mailing address, e-mail, and details on your question. We will e-mail the search results. We can fax the results only in a medical emergency. You can contact us by e-mail (, phone, fax, or write to us.

Non-members: We do not have sufficient staff or resources to provide searches for non-members. However, you can do your own MEDLINE searches through PUBMED ( or request them through your local health sciences or public library.

(See Membership FAQS for information on joining the College).

Q: Is the Resource Center open to the public?

A: The Resource Center is not a public library. Researchers with a legitimate research question are encouraged to make an appointment to use the collection for their research.  We reserve the right to limit access to our collections.

Q: How do I borrow materials from the Resource Center?

A: The Resource Center does not lend books from its collection because it is a reference collection. Photocopies of articles from our journal collection are available to medical libraries through interlibrary loan. Up to five items are available per month without charge. Our DOCLINE ID is DCUOAG. Materials are sent via first class mail or via e-mail; we cannot fax materials to libraries.  Our Interlibrary Loan department can be contacted at


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