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The College History Library has a large collection (6,000 titles+) of old and rare books, dating back to 1552.  Fellows as well as visiting scholars research the varied history of women’s health by delving into this rich and diverse collection.  Wear and tear over the years from routine use, mishandling and paper deterioration left many of these works in need of conservation and restoration work even before we obtained them for the collection.  Some need only minor repair; others need extensive help if they are to survive.

The Adopt-a-Book program is designed to allow our Fellows and friends to help by donating funds to support the repair of one or more items.  By adopting a book, you will ensure that it gets the help it needs to remain with us for years to come.  All adopted books and bound journals will carry a bookplate publicly acknowledging you as the donor and you will receive a letter of appreciation in recognition of your donation.  We hope that you will consider making a tax-deductable contribution that will enable us to preserve these volumes for current and future scholars.

To learn more about the books needing attention and the available options, please contact the Special Collections Librarian at 202-863-2578 or

Remember to check back periodically for new postings of items in need of TLC.

Books in Need of Adoption

The American Journal of Obstetrics.
Bound volumes for 1883 through 1910.
Repair spine: $50/Rebind in quarter calf: $100 (each volume)

Foote, Edward B.
Medical Common Sense; Applied to the Causes, Prevention and Cure of Chronic Diseases and Unhappiness in Marriage.
New York: Published by the author, 1866.
Resew and rebind in full cloth: $75

Foote, Edward B.
Plain Home Talk About the Human System.
New York: Murray Hill, 1899.
Restore spine and reattach cover: $50

Getchell, F. H.
An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Science and Practice of Obstetrics, with One Hundred and Thirty-Three Wood-Cuts.
Philadelphia: Gebbie, 1890.
Restore spine and reattach cover: $75 (oversize)

Hubbard, Jacobus
Jacobus Hubbard, His Ledger, 1791.
Tinton Falls, NJ: Jacobus Hubbard, 1791.
Restore spine and reattach cover: $75 (oversize)

Kerr, J.M. Munro.  ADOPTED!
Historical Review of British Obstetrics and Gynaecology.
Edinburgh and London: Livingston, 1954.
Restore spine and reattach cover: $50

Mauriceau, Francis  (translated by Hugh Chamberlen)
The Diseases of Women with Child, and in Child-Bed.
London : T. Cox, etc., 1727.
Restore using original leather boards with a new leather spine: $185

Maygrier, J. P.
Midwifery Illustrated.
New York: J.S. Redfield, 1835.
Resew and rebind in full leather: $180

Radford, Thomas.   ADOPTED!
Essays on Various Subjects Connected with Midwifery.
Manchester, VT: James Leech, 1849.
Rebind in imitation leather or linen: $

Ridenbaugh, Mary Young
The Biography of Ephraim McDowell, M.D., Together with Valuable Scientific Treatises and Articles Relating to Ovariotomy, and Eulogistic Letters from Eminent Members of the Medical Profession in Europe and America.
New York: Charles L. Webster, 1890.
Resew and rebind in leather and linen: $150

Robinson, William J.
Woman: Her Sex and Love Life.
New York: Eugenics Publishing Co., 1944.
Repair torn pages, resew and rebind in full cloth: $130

Ryan, Michael
A Manual of Midwifery, or Compendium of Gynaecology and Paidonosology.
Burlington, VT: Smith and Harrington, 1835.
Resew and rebind in full leather: $180


Stone, Lee Alexander
Sex Searchlights and Sane Sex Ethics: and Anthology of Sex Knowledge.
Chicago: Science Publishing, 1922.
Restore spine and reattach cover: $50

Transactions of the American Association of Obstetricians, Gynecologists, and Abdominal Surgeons.
Bound volume 42 for 1929.
Rebind using original boards, new leather spine with stamping: $185

Valentine, Mary T.
Biography of Ephraim McDowell, M.D. “the father of ovariotomy” together with valuable scientific treatises and articles relating to ovariotomy.
Philadelphia : the Author, 1894.
Restore spine and reattach cover: $50

Williams, J. Whitridge   ADOPTED!
Obstetrics.  3rd ed.
New York : D. Appleton, 1913.
Resew and rebind in full cloth: $75

William, J. Whitridge
Obstetrics.  4th enl. and rev. ed.
New York: D. Appleton, 1917
Resew and rebind in full cloth: $75

Wright, Henry C.
The Unwelcome Child; or, the Crime of an Undesigned and Undesired Maternity.
Boston : Bela Marsh, 1860.
Resew and rebind in full cloth: $75


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