Expanded CARN

The Expanded CARN is a new research program that was started in 2013by the ACOG Research Department. This network consists of ACOG Fellows at sites across the United States that participate in practice-based maternal-child health studies using a three-fold approach. Each participating site collects 1) patient survey data; 2) medical provider survey data; and 3) medical record data regarding a specific topic. This approach allows for a research topic to be explored from multiple perspectives. Like all CARN studies, we submit the findings of each Expanded CARN study, in article form, to a peer-review journal for publication. All site principal investigators that contribute to a given study will be co-authors on resulting publications from that study.

In addition to providing a more systematic analysis of clinical use patterns and patient outcomes in the U.S., Expanded CARN seeks to engage ACOG Junior Fellows in the culture of research. When applicable, young investigators will be paired with more experienced researchers at participating sites. While the young investigator will carry-out the primary responsibilities for the study, their mentor and ACOG Research Department staff will provide guidance and assistance on various aspects of the study process from initial IRB submission to the collection and management of data. For all sites, ACOG Research Department staff support Expanded CARN studies by providing necessary study materials, supplies, IRB assistance, data analysis, and the write-up of study results.

We are currently enrolling sites to participate in the following study(s). Please click on the title link(s) below to be taken to that study’s executive summary:

Tracking weight gain, blood pressure, and glucose metabolism during pregnancy

The trajectory of mental health and smoking behaviors during pregnancy

Upcoming studies will focus on: preeclampsia, mental health screening, and breastfeeding intention and success.

If you are interested in having your OB/GYN group become an Expanded CARN site for current or future studies, please email Neko Castleberry with the following information: 1) your name; 2) mailing address; 3) preferred e-mail address; 4) phone number; and 5) research interests.

Funding is currently provided by the cooperative agreement grant, HRSA-15-090, through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Maternal and Child Health Research Network on Pregnancy-Related Care Program.


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