Collaborative Ambulatory Research Network CARN

Much of the clinical research that has resulted in standards and guidelines for perinatal health care has been oriented toward hospital-based, rather than ambulatory care settings.

The CARN comprises of a group of practicing ACOG Fellows who voluntarily participate in survey research. Funding for the project is provided by a grant from the DHHS.

The CARN conducts research on ambulatory care issues affecting Fellows of The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) and their patients. Information from the studies is used to develop better informed educational strategies, and to disseminate information to physicians in those areas in which a knowledge deficit is apparent. Additionally, we submit the findings of each survey study, in article form, to a peer-review journal for publication.

Mailed questionnaire survey studies cover a variety of topics pertaining to perinatal health care. Our goals include examining and describing existing obstetrician/gynecologist knowledge, practices, and educational needs. CARN surveys generate a base of normative data on various issues. In addition to papers derived from questionnaire survey data, we also publish review papers and other articles. CARN surveys are conducted in collaboration with experts from various disciplines, including clinical medicine, academic medicine, mental health, public health, the decision sciences and basic laboratory-based science research.

A total of 5 studies were completed during grant year 1998-1999. The first study was on genetics in the practice of gynecology, the second on the role of calcium in women's health, the third on nutrition during pregnancy with a special focus on folic acid, the fourth on academic medicine with a special focus on women and minorities, and the fifth on alcohol use during pregnancy. Findings from two of these studies have been published in peer-review journals.


Michael Power, PhD

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