Tool for Postpartum GDM Follow up

Free ACOG Tool

To Help You Manage Patients Who Had Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

Up to one-third of women who experienced GDM will have impaired glucose metabolism postpartum and 15 to 50% of women will develop type 2 diabetes within the decades following the affected pregnancy. Postpartum follow-up with treatment has been proven to postpone or prevent this occurrence.

To facilitate postpartum screening following a diagnosis of GDM the tool pictured below was created. It is in tear pad form and to be completed as would best fit into your system of care.  Some suggestions include:

  • at the 38 week prenatal appointment,
  • at the birth hospital discharge visit
  • at the post-op visit following an operative delivery

The reverse side contains information for your patients on GDM and type 2 diabetes.

Download the English text here

Download the Spanish text here

To order English tear pads: contact

This work was funded by the Centers for Disease Control, Division of Reproductive Health


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