2016 ACOG-CDC Maternal Mortality and Severe Maternal Morbidity Meeting

The ACOG-CDC Maternal Mortality and Severe Maternal Morbidity Meeting is held annually at ACOG's Annual Scientific and Clinical Meeting. This meeting is free and open to participants. The meeting consists of key speakers, who present on various topics on the subject of maternal safety.


William Callaghan, MD, MPH - How Can We Account for Severe Maternal Morbidity?

Elena Kuklina, MD, PhD - Severe Maternal Morbidity:ICD-10 -CM/PCS

Elliott Main, MD -
Validation Study of CDC SMM Measure using Case Reviews and ICD -10 Comparisons
Wendy Wilcox, MD, MPH - Severe Maternal Morbidity New York City, 2008-2012; Slides unavailable

Elliot Main, MD - Cooperative Agreement between the Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care and Child Health Bureau

Elizabeth Howell, MD, MPP - Reduction of Peripartum Disparities Bundle

Susan Kendig, JD, WHNP-BC - Susan Kendig, JD, WHNP-BC - Post Partum Care Bundle Workgroup Update; Slides unavailable

Federico G. Mariona, MD - Does Obesity Impact Pregnancy Related Deaths ? Michigan 2004-2006 

Raul Artal, MD - Obesity and Lifestyle Modifications for the Reduction of Maternal Morbidity

Alexander Friedman, MD - Obstetric Venous Thromboembolism Prevention for Obese Women

Anne Santa-Donato, MSN, RNC - AWHONN’s PPH Survey Update

Jeanne Mahoney, RN, BSN - Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health

Gwyneth Lewis, MD, OBE, MPH - UK Confidential Inquiries into Maternal Deaths

Christine H. Morton, PhD - Maternal Mental Health Efforts in California

Eleni Tsigas - Supporting Moms After a Severe Event

Washington Clark Hill, MD - Florida Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review (PAMR) Experience

Andria Cornell, MSPH - Every Mother at AMCHP Mobilizing for Action

David Goodman, PhD - Momentum in State Maternal Mortality Reviews 

William Callaghan, MD, MPH - Maternal Mortality Rate

Marian MacDorman, PhD - Is the U.S. Maternal Mortality Rate Increasing? Disentangling Trends from Measurement Issues; Slides unavailable

Lisa M. Hollier, MD, MPH - Experience with the Pregnancy Check Box

Elizabeth Lawton, MHS - Identification of Maternal Deaths: Lessons from California

Patricia W. Potrzebowski, PhD - Pregnancy Checkbox QA Pilot


Jeanne Mahoney



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