Zika Virus

How I Practice Video Series 
Chris Curry, MD, PhD, FACOG
Miami, Florida


Many OB/GYNs across the United States are having difficult conversations with their patients about Zika virus and the risks to their pregnancies. We know that it’s a story that’s evolving every day and we know that as we learn more and our patients ask more difficult questions, this is something that every OB/GYN is going to need to be facile and conversant in. It’s a conversation about risk; it’s a conversation about risk assessment; and it’s a conversation about reproductive health. I practice in south Florida where we think every day about the risk of local transmission and what it will mean to the reproductive futures of the women in our area. Every day I have conversations with women who are thinking about becoming pregnant or who are already pregnant and positive from travel to area with Zika transmission. I want to advocate for you to be involved in these conversations with your patients, to talk about reproductive health and reproductive goals with your patients every day and at every visit, and to get involved at the state and local level. As we have the risk of local transmission in the United States from mosquitos or sexual transmission, we need to be engaging with our public and government leaders to do public education, patient education, and think about reproductive health, contraception access, and abortion access in ways that are open, accessible, and available to those who need them. And this is how I practice. 

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