Patient Medical Advice Adherence

How I Practice Video Series
Susan T. Haas, MD, MSc, FACOG

HIP: Patient Medical Advice Adherence from ACOG on Vimeo.


When I see a patient with a new concern or complaint, I know that she has done a lot of thinking about this and probably some internet reading and talking with friends and that she has come up with her own decision about what her diagnosis is, what her prognosis is, and what treatment she ought to undergo. I know also that I will likely come up with a different diagnosis, treatment and prognosis for her. And that by going through a process of eliciting her diagnosis, treatment and prognosis and stating specifically my diagnosis, treatment and prognosis, she and I can come to an understanding about the difference and why there might be a difference in those six elements. Once we understand each other about why there is a difference, we can mutually come to a much better and more likely compliant, for her, plan of action. This is how I practice.


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