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Patrice Weiss, MD, FACOG

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We know that patient outcome and clinical outcome is really directly related to how well the patient believes in our treatment plan and believes in our recommendation. Sometimes it's difficult for us as providers to assess the patient's level of comfort and belief in what we've recommended. And what I've found helpful is to ask them the following question, "Mrs. Jones, on a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable are you that this procedure, this prescription, this recommendation, whatever it might be, is right for you?" And the literature has shown us that if Mrs. Jones gives us an answer back that is less than 8, she does not completely believe or trust or enlisted completely in our treatment plan. And what I then find helpful if I get an answer back of 5 or 6 is I then further educate Mrs. Jones on what the procedure is, why it would be beneficial, and I ask her, "How do you think this procedure will help you or why don't you think this procedure will help you?" And then we work our way to where we can get an 8 or greater. I find that question very helpful, it's an open-ended question, it allows further discussion, and allows ongoing dialogue with the patient. That's how I practice medicine.


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