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Jessica Sheppard, MD, Junior Fellow

HIP: Laparoscopy from ACOG on Vimeo.

HIP: Laparoscopy from ACOG on Vimeo.

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As a gynecologist I perform a lot of laparoscopic surgery and so what I find is that the patients have a lot of questions regarding how is this procedure going to be completed and how are you going to complete that procedure through these small incisions on the abdomen. So what I've found, which has helped tremendously is to use some type of instrument that can help conceptualize or help the patient visualize exactly how the procedure is done. So when these patients come in for their preoperative visit, what I like to use is a kind of model setup and it really requires a piece of paper with the abdomen drawn on it. And what I do is I just simply use this drawing and I tape it to whether it's the exam table or the desk in the room when I'm talking to the patient and this patient already has seen now that the paper has an abdomen drawn on it and they're able to conceptualize: this is the abdomen and we have the incisions pre-cut, so they're able to see this is how large the incisions are going to be. So I simply just use other simple instruments within the office whether it's a wooden stick or a straw and I just insert these instruments right through the incision that are already pre-cut and so now from this the patient is able to see exactly how the procedure is done and they are able to conceptualize from a 2-D point of view just how on top you have the abdomen with the instruments and below you have the abdomen and the contents that whatever procedure you are preforming they will be able to see. So I think that really helps with the patients conceptualize what surgery is being done and how it's done from our point of view. It also helps the physician to be able to explain to the patient what's being done. This is how I practice.


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