Influenza Vaccine During Pregnancy

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Ami H. Keatts, MD, FACOG, CPPS

HIP: Influenza Vaccine During Pregnancy from ACOG on Vimeo.


When I see pregnant patients, I try to offer them the best medical options available. One of the best medical options available to pregnant women is getting a flu shot. During pregnancy, women are at much higher risk to get very sick from the flu. This includes influenza pneumonia, a hospital stay, or even death from the flu. As an added bonus, when a pregnant woman gets vaccinated for influenza, she creates antibodies and those antibodies pass to her baby. The vaccine itself does not go the baby. But those antibodies can protect that baby from influenza. Newborn babies can’t get the vaccine for the flu until around six months of age. And for this reason I consider it a win-win for the patient and her young family. This is how I practice.


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