Incorporating Immunization in the Office

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R. Moss Hampton, MD, FACOG

HIP: Incorporating Immunization in the Office from ACOG on Vimeo.

HIP: Incorporating Immunization in the Office from ACOG on Vimeo.

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One of the things that I've tried to incorporate into my practice in the last few years has been the discussion about the importance of immunizations and vaccines. I try to do this when I am talking about general good health habits such as proper nutrition, regular exercise, the importance of calcium and vitamin D, mammography, things like that. I just find that a natural place to include immunizations. And certainly, I think it is important for the physician to be an advocate for immunizations. We know that when the physician is the one that broaches the subject, the compliance rate is 2-3 times higher than if we are depending on the patient herself to go out on her own volition and get a vaccine. I also try to make them age specific, so that if I'm talking with a young person about an HPV vaccination, I can also include a discussion about a meningococcal vaccine if she's fixing to go off to college. If it's a new mom, and we're talking about the prevention of pertussis and the importance of that to her new baby, it is very easy to include a discussion about the influenza vaccine. If it is an older patient, we may have started the discussion about the importance of a flu shot, but oh by the way, have you heard about the new shingles vaccine that is out there. So again just trying to get the patient emotionally invested in the importance of the vaccination I think is important and at least in my patients has been a way that we've been able to increase compliance. Lastly I think that is important to have a vaccination-friendly office. It's great if your nurses are advocates for vaccinations. It helps to have the vaccines there in your office so that when the patients says oh yes I think that's a good idea, you can call the nurse, she can give the vaccine, and you've taken care of it in one visit. The College has a wonderful website that has lots of good information about how to set up the vaccine program for your office, it talks about coding, billing, it has information sheets, it has educational links, not only for the patient, but also for the physician if they need some updating on some of their information. I think when we are advocates and when we have a vaccine-friendly office, our compliance with vaccinations will be much higher and our patients will be much better served. This is how I practice.


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