2017-2018 Committee on Nominations


John C. Jennings, MD                                Chair

E. Christine Brousseau, MD                      District I

Cynthia Chazotte, MD District II

Joseph Apuzzio, MD                                   District III

John R. Allbert, MD                                     District IV

Thomas H. Burwinkel, MD District V

Bridget B. Keller, MD                                   District VI

Elizabeth R. Lapeyre, MD                           District VII

Stella M. Dantas, MD                                  District VIII

Kelly A. McCue, MD                                  District IX

Peter E. Nielsen, MD                                   District X (AFD)

R. Moss Hampton, MD                                District XI

Robert W. Yelverton, MD                            District XII

Rajiv B. Gala, MD                                        At-Large Fellow

Kristen P. Zeligs, MD                                  At-Large Fellow

Jeanne A. Conry, MD, PhD                       Past President

Mark S. DeFrancesco, MD, MBA              Past President


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