2015-2016 Committee on Nominations

  James T. Breeden, MD Chair
  Tina Clark-Samazan Foster, MD, MPH District I
  Eva Chalas, MD District II
  Francine E. Sinofsky, MD District III
  Wade A. Neiman, MD District IV
  Donald K. Bryan, MD
District V
  Thomas F. Arnold, MD District VI
  Elizabeth R. Lapeyre, MD District VII
  Clayton H. McCracken, III, MD District VIII
  Laura L. Sirott, MD District IX
  Thomas G. Gaylord, MD District X(AFD)
  Eugene C. Toy, MD District XI
  Cole D. Greves, MD District XII
  Cynthia A. Brincat, MD, PhD At-Large Fellow
  Eduardo Lara-Torre, MD At-Large Fellow
  James N. Martin, Jr, MD Past President
  Jeanne A. Conry, MD, PhD Past President

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