National Candidates for 2019-2020

Declared candidates for national office for the term May 2019 to May 2020 are listed by office. They appeared before the Committee on Nominations and interested Fellows at the National Officer Candidates Forum on April 28 at the 2018 Annual Clinical and Scientific Meeting in Austin, TX. The forum is open to all ACOG Fellows. 


President Elect  


Ted L. Anderson, MD, PhD 
Nashville, TN 

District VII

Eva Chalas, MD
Mineola, NY         

District II 



Karen E. Harris, MD, MPH                 
Gainesville, FL 

District XII

Sharon T. Phelan, MD
Albuquerque, NM

District VIII

Fellow at-Large


Courtney Rhoades-Lazenby, DO               
Dallas, TX

District XI

Kirsten M. Smith, MD 
Hockessin, DE

District III

Young Physician-at-Large


Anne L. Banfield, MD
Elkins, WV

District IV

Callie M. Cox Bauer, DO      
San Antonio, TX

District X (AFD)

Nathaniel G. DeNicola, MD, MSHP
Washington, DC

District IV 

Andrea B. Joyner, MD     
Atlanta, GA 

District IV

Phyllis E. Lawani, MD, CPE     
Bronx, NY 

District II 

Kristin M. Lyerly, MD, MPH      
Minneapolis, MN

District VI





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