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Membership Dues

Membership Information


How do I become a member of ACOG?

ACOG offers various types of membership. Review the list of membership categories and requirements. A completed application is required for membership.

Does ACOG offer corporate memberships?

ACOG does not offer corporate or group memberships. However, you can purchase an "institution" subscription to publications through the  ACOG Bookstore.

How long does it take to process an application? Can the application be expedited?

It takes approximately one week to four months depending on the application type: 

  • Fellow – Up to six weeks
  • Associate Member/Association Member International – Up to six weeks
  • Junior Fellow – Two to four weeks
  • Educational Affiliate – Two to four weeks
  • Medical Student – One to two weeks
  • Fellow Senior Status – One to two weeks
  • Life Fellow – One to two weeks

Applications for Fellow, Associate Member/Associate Member International, or Junior Fellow cannot be expedited due to the policies and procedures set forth by the ACOG Executive Board.

How should I submit an application if I was a member of ACOG many years ago, but don’t have my previous ACOG ID or login information?
Please contact Membership Services at with your full name, date of birth, mailing address, and the email address and password you would like to use in order to apply online under your previous record.

Is the application processing fee the same as the annual membership dues?
No, the application processing fee is a one-time fee paid when submitting an application. The membership dues are billed once you have been admitted as a member of ACOG.

My membership was terminated this year, but I am not sure why. Should I submit an application?
If you are not sure why your membership was terminated, please contact Membership Services at before submitting an application. You may simply need to pay your outstanding dues to reinstate your membership.

Membership Dues

I am an active member and owe dues. How can I pay dues?

There are several ways to pay dues:

  • Online for immediate payment
  • Mail (PNC Bank, ACOG, PO Box 826312, Philadelphia, PA 19182-6312)
  • Fax (202-479-0054)
  • Phone (1- 800-673-8444 ext. 2452 or 202-863-2452)

When will I be asked to renew my ACOG membership?
Membership is on an anniversary cycle. Renewals are emailed each month depending on your anniversary cycle and are due within 90 days of the first renewal notice.  However, Junior Fellows in Training-Residents are billed on an academic year.

I paid my Junior Fellow dues this year but was recently admitted as a Fellow. Will I owe membership dues?
Yes, you will owe Fellow dues, which are higher than Junior Fellow dues. Once you are admitted as a Fellow, your Junior Fellow dues will be prorated and applied towards your Fellow dues.

Can I make a payment online if my membership is terminated?
Payment can be made online once your membership is terminated. Please click here if reinstating your membership, a reinstatement fee is assessed, and your membership is placed on a new renewal cycle. Problems reinstating online? Please contact the membership department at or 1-800-673-8444 ext. 2452 or 202-863-2452.

My membership was terminated over three years ago, how can I reinstate my membership?
After three calendar years, one must reapply for ACOG membership. Please refer to the requirements of each membership category to ensure you apply for the appropriate category. View a list of membership categories and requirements.

Is there a reduction in dues for being enrolled in a Fellowship Program?
Yes, Fellows and Junior Fellows in Practice may receive a reduction. Associate Members who previously completed an osteopathic ob-gyn residency will also be granted a reduction. Requests must be sent in writing to and include the following Fellowship information:

  • Program Name
  • Program Director's Name
  • Start and End Date of training

Are my ACOG dues tax deductible? 
For U.S. citizens only: Membership dues paid to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists are not deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes, but may be deductible in part as a business expense. 

Are dues used towards lobbying?
For U.S. citizens only: The College estimates that 8% of your membership dues are allocable to lobbying expenses, and therefore are not deductible for income tax purposes as ordinary and necessary business expenses. 

What is the ACOG Foundation Development Fund?
The ACOG Foundation Development Fund is an important component in our ability to participate in and initiate new programs and projects in women’s health. Your tax-deductible $50 Dues Statement gift directly supports the ACOG Foundation Development Fund. Donations to this fund make activities like the Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care and reVITALize programs possible.

What is Ob-GynPAC?
ACOG's political action committee helps elect state and Congressional candidates who support our specialty. It is the only national PAC in Washington, D.C. representing ob-gyns before Congress. Contributions to Ob-GynPAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

How can I obtain a receipt or dues statement?
A receipt is emailed immediately upon paying online. If paid via check or credit card, please allow 5-10 business days to receive a receipt.

For a duplicate receipt or dues statement click on Print Dues Receipt and Invoice.

Are district and section dues required?
Yes, district and section dues must be paid to maintain membership in ACOG. Learn more about the ACOG districts and sections.

Membership Information

How do I update my address, email, or phone number?
There are several ways to change your contact information:

  • Login to My ACOG and select Update Contact Info.
  • Email your changes (along with your full name and ACOG ID) to
  • Call membership services at 1-800-673-8444 ext. 2452 or 202-863-2452.

How do I reset my password so I can log into
Select “Member Login,” then enter your email address and click “Next.”  Click on link “Forgot your password”, then click “Request Reset”. An email will be sent to your email address to reset your password.

I am a Fellow Senior Status member with ACOG and do not meet the requirements for Life Fellow status. Do I still need to be board certified?

No, Fellow Senior Status members do not need to maintain board certification to remain an active Fellow Senior Status.

I recently became a Diplomate with the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG). Does that automatically make me an ACOG Fellow?

Fellow status is not automatic. However, board certification is one of the requirements for ACOG Fellow, and a Fellow application must be submitted and approved. A current Junior Fellow has one year to apply for Fellow status once they become board certified.  

Can I still attend the Annual Clinical and Scientific meeting if I am not an ACOG member?
Yes, the Annual Meeting is open to both members and non-members. However, ACOG members receive a discount on the registration fee as part of the many benefits they receive.

I am an ACOG member that receives the Green Journal. Can I only receive online access and discontinue the printed copy from being mailed?
At this time, ACOG no longer offers "online only" access. Therefore, you will continue to receive the printed copy and have online access. Only members in Mexico, Latin American Sections, and the West Indies have "online only" access.

Can Medical Student members access the Green Journal?
ACOG does not currently offer Medical Student members access to the Green Journal.  However, a subscription to the Green Journal can be purchased at the member rate.  View a list of Medical Student benefits and additional information.

I tried to pay for my ABOG Maintenance of Certification (MOC), but they have me listed as a non-member of ACOG even though I am a member. What should I do to correct my status?
Please call ACOG at 202-863-2452 or 1-800-673-8444 ext. 2452 to verify your membership status.

How do I obtain my Fellow certificate?
Please allow 6-8 weeks from your admittance date to receive your Fellow certificate. If not received after this timeframe, please email or call 1-800-673-8444 ext. 2452 or 202-863-2452 to request a replacement certificate, and include your name, ACOG ID, and mailing address. Requests that are six months after your admittance date assess a $35.00 replacement fee.

How do I order an ACOG Certificate Frame?

ACOG certificate frames can be ordered online. Please visit to submit your order.  


What do I have to do to maintain my Fellow status?
Fellow membership will remain active as long as the following two requirements are met.

  • Maintain an active, unrestricted medical license
  • Keep membership dues up to date

Who can use the initials FACOG (Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists)?
Only active Fellows (Fellow, Fellow Senior Status, Founding Life Fellow, and Life Fellows) can use the initials FACOG after their name.

What benefits do I receive as a member?
There are many benefits for being an ACOG member. View the list of benefits that are available under most categories of membership.

How many district and sections does ACOG have?
ACOG has 12 districts and 98 sections.

How can I obtain a replacement membership card?
Please email or call 1-800-673- 8444 ext. 2452 or 202-863-2452 to request a replacement membership card, and include your name, ACOG ID and mailing address. Requests can take up to three weeks to be received. Only active Fellows (Fellow, Fellow Senior Status, Founding Life Fellow, and Life Fellows) are able to obtain a membership card.



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