ACOG Engage


ACOG Engage, our new online community platform, offers members a private, secure space to network and collaborate with peers, ACOG members and leadership. By encouraging direct communication between members, ACOG Engage creates a community that supports your professional needs and strengthens our specialty. 

Using ACOG Engage, you can:

  • Pose questions, participate in topic-based discussions, and share information 
  • Network and connect with other members directly and within community groups with shared interests
  • Plan and discuss meetings and events 
  • Customize your email frequency to receive posts in real-time, daily or weekly
  • Personalize your profile with professional experience, education, photo, contact info and more

ACOG Engage extends the inspiring and supportive experience and benefits of meeting other clinicians at meetings or conferences and puts it at your fingertips year-round. 

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Delivering a Compelling Member Experience Through ACOG 2020

ACOG Engage is a key initiative of our strategic plan, ACOG 2020, which empowers members to change the future of women’s health, centers on giving members the best possible member experience and increasing opportunities for engagement. 

ACOG Engage: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of ACOG Engage?

ACOG Engage is an online community platform and resource that offers members new and exciting opportunities to engage and collaborate. It also allows members to connect beyond in-person interactions such as local meetings and enables them to keep those conversations and relationships going outside of face-to-face meetings. ACOG Engage will allow members to form a more personal, interactive relationship with each other and with ACOG. 

When can I start using ACOG Engage?

By June 2019, all members will have access to ACOG Engage and will automatically be included in their appropriate District community. 

How do I access ACOG Engage? 

All members can access their ACOG Engage account by visiting You can login using your ACOG member login and password information (the same as you use to enter the member side of Members can also respond to ACOG Engage posts and discussions via email, by replying directly through an ACOG Engage email news digest.

How do I join/subscribe to a community?

All members who have opted into receiving email communication from ACOG will automatically be added to their appropriate District community. If a member would like to join additional communities, they can visit the “All Communities” tab and search and join available communities. 

Starting in late 2019, ACOG will gradually roll out topical, program-based, and committee group communities. The “All Communities” tab will show any new communities as they become available. 

Can I control the frequency and format of the emails I receive?

By default, all ACOG Engage communities send a daily digest to the email associated with your ACOG membership. You can adjust the frequency based on your personal preferences by visiting your ACOG Engage profile. Here are the options available:

  • Real time: Sends an email every time a new message is posted in a community you’re a part of
  • Daily digest: Sends one email a list of all the discussions from the previous day in a community. If you are part of multiple communities, you will receive multiple daily emails (one per community). 
  • Consolidated digest: Sends one daily or weekly email that includes posts and discussions from several communities.
  • No email: You’ll continue to be part of the ACOG Engage community and will have the ability to post and read others’ discussions by logging into ACOG Engage. You will not receive any email notifications about conversations in the community. 

Are there any restrictions to what I can post in ACOG Engage? 

ACOG Engage is a space for ACOG members to network and collaborate independently. However, to ensure a pleasant and productive experience for all ACOG members, we ask that everyone adhere to ACOG Engage Terms and Conditions – which include not only adhering to HIPAA, but also . All members can mark a post as inappropriate, 

Do you have any resources to help me learn to use ACOG Engage?

Yes, there are a series of tutorials on ACOG Engage including how to update your profile, change email settings and replying to a post. We also have a list of frequently asked questions.


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