October Advocacy Month

October is Junior Fellow Advocacy Month#JFadvoMonth

Learning how to be an effective advocate is such an important part of medicine. Our patients are counting on us for more than just great care – they need our experience and expertise to be heard wherever decisions about women’s health are made.

This month, join other Junior Fellows in advocating for women's health in a way that works for you!

Every week in October, we will highlight a different advocacy theme and what you can do to advocate for women beyond the exam room.

Week 1 (October 1 - 7): Why I Advocate

Reflect, Assess, Analyze—then ACT!

In the first week of Advocacy Month, take some time to learn why advocacy is important and what issues are most important to you.

  • Advocacy Passion Finder: Use this worksheet to take an in-depth look into what drives you.

Once you’ve honed in on your passion, check out ACOG’s current Legislative Priorities to see what we’re working on – and tell us what issues are most important to you

Week 2 (October 8 - 14): Use Your Voice

Your challenge for this week is to get your message out into the world! 

Social Media: Join the TweetStorm

Now more than ever, social media is a key component of advocacy. The best way to get used to social media advocacy is to jump right in!

Join us this Wednesday, October 10 from 1-2pm ET for a TweetStorm by using the hashtag #JFAdvoMonth. Just write a quick sentence about an issue you’re passionate about, add #JFAdvoMonth, and tag @ACOGAction so we can retweet and further advocacy for your cause!

(Remember to check with your institution’s social media policies before posting, and never post patient information or give medical advice.)

Show your support for women's health with one of our advocacy-themed social media images!

Traditional Media: Get Your Voice Heard in Print
Who said print is dead?

Traditional media is also a critical opportunity to make your voice heard. The ACOG Communications team is here to help shape your message into a dynamic Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor, coach you on strategic messaging, or help you prepare for an interview.

We can’t wait to help promote your message!

Week 3 (October 15 - 21): Empower Your Patients

This week, we are shifting the focus to your patients.Talking to patients about advocacy may be anxiety-provoking, but the days of keeping opinions out of the exam room are over. Below are a few resources to help you be a better advocate for AND with your patients.

  • Encourage your patients to educate themselves by visiting ACOG’s Patient Page during their appointment and guiding them to the best information. 
  • If your patients are interested in legislative issues, direct your patient to ACOG’s Patient Advocacy website, where they can take a quick and easy advocacy action!
  • Our patient advocacy often revolves around insurance coverage, healthcare costs, and billing and coding. ACOG’s Practice Management Ticket Database can support you when claims are denied, and with EHR-related issues.
  • Preventative medicine is a critical part of our jobs. The Women’s Preventative Service Initiative (WPSI) provides guidance, resources, and performance measures to improve your care of women. 
  • Your patients shouldn’t have to pay out-of-pocket for her birth control - no copay contraception coverage is available to nearly all of your patients through their insurer. If your patient is having trouble accessing this benefit, refer her to the Cover Her hotline (1-866-745-5487), and a live person will work with her to get covered.
  • The Did you Know? video series provides you and your patients with resources to learn more about medical issues related to women’s health. Use these videos to improve your advocacy message!
  • Advocating for your patient’s health often has a broader impact on the health of the community. Optimize your practice for influenza vaccination with these tips

Week 4 (October 22 - 28): Take It Forward

In the final week of Advocacy Month, ACOG will provide you with the resources you need to implement your advocacy planComing October 22

For your social media posts, use the hashtag #JFadvoMonth.

Your JFCAC members are available to help, advise, and cheer you on! Send your ideas, successes, and suggestions to your Junior Fellow District Chairs so we can celebrate you. Let’s go advocate!


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