Committee on American Indian/Alaska Native Women's Health


The committee serves in a consultative capacity to Indian health programs and professionals providing care to American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) women and their infants. One meeting each year is a site visit to a region, and usually includes a small team visit to at least three Indian Health or Tribal facilities and a visit to an urban clinic. Staffing, equipment, and quality of maternal and child care are reviewed and a report is provided. The other meeting each year may be with ob-gyn clinicians employed in Indian health facilities and cover a wide range of clinical and health care delivery issues; it may focus on a single clinical issue (e.g. diabetes screening); or it may incorporate liaison activities with other organizations sharing common concerns. In addition to its regular activities, the committee provides oversight to all other programs that are implemented primarily by College staff.


International Indigenous Women’s Health Meeting

Held every two years in partnership with the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Canada (SOGC), the Indian Health Service (IHS), and in 2016 with the University of New Mexico ACOG Section, and the New Mexico Center of Nurse Midwives, the AI/AN team helps plan the International Indigenous Women’s Health Meeting. This meeting focuses on innovative clinical care models and community-based public health approaches for women and their families in First Nations, Inuit, Métis, American Indian and Alaska Native communities. During the conference, participants further strengthen their knowledge about prevalent health problems facing Indigenous Women and acquire practical skills. Opportunities to share knowledge and support one another’s efforts, to network, and to develop partnerships are built into the program. Please stay tuned for information regarding the 5th International Meeting on Indigenous Women's Health.


Postgraduate Course

In recent years, this training has been re-designed to a one day women’s health update and a two day Certification in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) course that is delivered in specific regions of the IHS.  Attendees include physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and other health professionals who provide care to women in Indian health or Tribal programs, but are not themselves specially trained in these areas. The course has a lecture and hands-on workshop format covering a broad spectrum of maternal and infant health. Some of the workshop topics include:  Abnormal Cervical Cytology, Adolescent Health, Diabetes in Pregnancy, Hypertension in Pregnancy, Obstetric Emergencies, and Pediatric Gynecology. All participants receive a copy of the ACOG Compendium of resources on cd-rom along with many other resources. The course is geared towards Indian health and Tribal facilities, with special emphasis on management appropriate to remote and rural settings. The course offers continuing medical education credits from ACOG, AMA, and AAFP, and nursing credit from the IHS Clinical Support Center. In addition to ALSO, Nexplanon, and Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) certifications are offered as well. Curriculum planning, faculty coordination, registration, and management of materials, instructional room assignments and audio-visual needs are handled by the College, along with development of a final report and evaluation document.


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