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Characterizing the Source of Text in Electronic Health Record Progress Notes   
Electronic health records (EHRs) pose a new challenge to the purpose and integrity of progress notes. Providers can now copy or import text for a clinical encounter, which may increase the risk of including outdated, inaccurate, or unnecessary information and lead to clinical errors. This study utilizes a new EHR tool capable of distinguishing between manual, imported, and copied text to describe documentation practices by health care providers. 

Text Messaging and Protected Health Information- What is Permitted? 
More than half of physicians use text messaging for clinical communications. Conversely, there is also a common misconception that text messaging of protected health information by law. This article outlines the regulatory landscape for what communications are and are not permitted over text message.

American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) 
AHIMA is a prominent association of health information management specialists. As a part of its advocacy and policy efforts,  AHIMA works with Congress to develop solutions to the most pressing challenges in clinical informatics.



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