ACOG Prenatal Record

ACOG has partnered with Dorsata to build and update an electronic version of the familiar paper record.

The ACOG prenatal record has been intelligently integrated with the athenahealth Electronic Health Record (EHR).

For more information and to request a demo, go to the Dorsata page.


  • Combines the simplicity and speed of the original prenatal record with ACOG’s guidelines
  • Focused 100% on obstetrics
  • Pulls ACOG guidance information in and keeps it automatically updated
  • Works with the athenahealth EHR and is easy to turn on and begin using


  • Efficient:  provides decision support at the point of care
  • Saves time: automatically ports the entered information into the ob’s EHR
  • Familiar:  provides the simplicity and flexibility of the ACOG Prenatal Record
  • Promotes safety: automatically tracks compliance with evidence-based care standards
  • Convenient:  can be accessed on any device including as an app on our phone
  • Smart: creates reminders to help better plan for future visits


About Dorsata

Dorsata is an organization devoted to improving patient outcomes and reducing the cost of delivering care by providing a centralized platform for clinical pathway development and EHR implementation. Clinicians can collaboratively develop, discover, and implement their pathways into their day-to-day workflow of order entry. Dorsata bridges the gap between how doctors make clinical decisions and how those decisions map to structured data in the medical record.

For more information and a demo of the ACOG Prenatal Record by Dorsata, go to the Dorsata page.

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