Clinical Guidelines

Perinatal HIV Screening

Committee Opinion: Prenatal and Perinatal Human Immunodeficiency Testing: Expanded Recommendations includes College recommendations for prenatal testing, rapid testing in labor and delivery, and repeat testing in the third trimester. (#635, 06/2015)

Committee Opinion: Scheduled Cesarean Delivery and the Prevention of Vertical Transmission of HIV Infection reflects the most current data available regarding the effectiveness of planned cesarean delivery to prevent vertical transmission of HIV. (#234, 05/00, Reaffirmed 2015)

Joint Statement on Human Immunodeficiency Virus Testing by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) outlines the joint College/AAP policy on prenatal HIV testing following the opt-out testing approach. (Statement of Policy #75, 05/99, Reaffirmed 2014)

Routine HIV Screening 

Practice Bulletin: Gynecologic Care for Women and Adolescents With Human Immunodeficiency Virus was developed to educate clinicians about routine HIV screening practices as well as basic women's health screening and care, family planning, and preconception care for women with HIV infection.
(#167, 10/16)

Committee Opinion: Preexposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of Human Immunodeficiency Virus includes guidance on administration of antiretroviral medications to individuals who are not infected with HIV and at the highest risk of acquiring HIV infection.
(#595, 05/14, Reaffirmed 2016)

Committee Opinion: Routine Human Immunodeficiency Virus Screening includes further information on strategies for routine screening of adult women.
(#596, 05/14, Reaffirmed 2016)

Committee Opinion: Human Immunodeficiency Virus includes ethical guidance on screening strategies for HIV, including opt-out testing and patient rights of refusal.
(#389, 12/07, Reaffirmed 2015)

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