Save Title X


On March 4, 2019, the Administration finalized radical changes to Title X that will dangerously undermine our ability to offer patients medically accurate, comprehensive care. Title X is the only federal program exclusively dedicated to providing low-income patients with access to family planning, and plays a vital role in ensuring safe, timely, and evidence-based care is available to every woman. As women’s health care providers, we know the important role essential family planning and preventive health services plays in our patients’ lives. 

The Threat to Title X—unacceptable interference in the patient-physician relationship

If implemented, the Administration’s changes to Title X would: 

  • Redirect critical Title X federal funds away from health care providers who offer information about the full range of reproductive health care options.
  • Restrict providers from delivering essential and medically accurate information to their patients.
  • Put more than 40% of Title X patients at risk of losing access to critical primary and preventive care services.

How can physicians help ACOG fight back?

ACOG has said loud and clear: Politicians should not be able to pick and choose among qualified providers, dictate the counseling physicians can give their patients, or undermine women’s access to evidence-based, necessary preventive services

ACOG is committed to continuing to fight this destructive rule. Thank you for joining us!

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