Continuing Education

 Cultural Competency Online Course (Unite for Sight)
Cultural competence training and cultural awareness is of paramount importance for those working in any international or clinical setting. Those participating abroad are immersed in a culture different from their own and will undoubtedly experience culture shock and cultural adjustment. Furthermore, those in any clinical setting must understand language barriers, how to work with translators, cultural differences, cultural understanding, and trust, among other cultural concerns.

First, Do No Harm: A Qualitative Research Documentary

Description: This is a 45 minute documentary (freely downloadable to your computer or phone) on the topic of global health clinical electives. This film happens to focus on medical students and Africa (though they did interview one nursing student), but it's applicable to anywhere and everywhere. 


Global Health Learning (GHeL)
Description: USAID’s Bureau of Global Health developed the Global Health eLearning (GHeL) Center, in 2005, to provide its worldwide mission-based health staff with access to state of the art technical global health information. The courses and certificate programs at the Center offer self-paced Internet-based courses that provide useful and timely continuing education for the world’s premier global health professional; present state-of-the-art technical content on key public health topics; and serve as a practical resource for increasing public health knowledg.


Global Library of Women’s Medicine (GLOWM)
Description: A free resource for medical professionals dedicated to the enhancement of women's healthcare.


Helping Mothers Survive
Description: Helping Mothers Survive (HMS) is a suite of hands-on, simulation-based learning module designed to be delivered at the jobsite to build the capacity of the workforce.  The goal of HMS is to improve and sustain the critical skills of midwives, nurses, doctors, and those who assist them to care for women during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Currently available training module: Bleeding After Birth (BAB) .


Obstetric Emergency Drills Training Kit

: A free resource for obstetric emergency drills - a simulated obstetric emergency in a facility that includes a manual, presentation, and video. In English and in Spanish.

Simulation Use for Global Away Rotations (SUGAR)
Description: Simulation Use for Global Away Rotations (SUGAR) is a simulation-based curriculum used to prepare medical providers for common challenges (both practical and emotional) faced when working in resource-limited settings.




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