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– AIM Malawi
– ESOG-ACOG Collaboration
– Surgical Skills and Operative Obstetrics
– Professional Association Strengthening
– Continuing Medical Education
– Strengthening Medical Education in Central America   
– UBT in Zambia 

For 20 years, ACOG’s Office of Global Women’s Health has managed projects in 22 countries in Central and South America, Asia and Africa. OGWH has several active partnerships that create opportunities for our members to be part of the solution to improve women’s health globally.

Country: Malawi
Program: Alliance for Innovation in Maternal Health (AIM)
Status: Completed
Results: Over 390 staff were trained in team communication and PPH management at KCH and Area 25 and 14 skills labs were conducted on emergency interventions, quantification of blood loss, leadership, team communication skills, and implementation of PPH bundles. The program has increased utilization of safety protocols, improved teamwork and staff preparedness, enhanced a culture of safety, and increased recognition and management of PPH.

Country: Uganda
Program: Essential Training In Operative Obstetrics
Status: On-going / Expanding
Results: Training close to 200 Master Trainers and over 490 Providers in advanced surgical skills and will integrate a locally-revised curriculum into pre-service education for physicians. In 2018, ACOG will expand upon its successful surgical obstetrics training program at Mulago Hospital and Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Kampala.

Global Health Programs mapped


Countries: Bangladesh, Burma, Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Uganda, and Zambia
Program: Professional Association Strengthening (PAS)
Status: On-going
Results: ACOG has conducted assessments, training and Professional Association Strengthening for the ob-gyn associations of Bangladesh, Burma, Ethiopia, India, Malawi Uganda, and Zambia

Country: Ethiopia
Program: ACOG-ESOG Collaboration
Status: On-going
Results: In 2017, ACOG’s residency education experts provided technical guidance and educational materials, which informed ESOG’s development of the National Harmonized Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialty Training Curriculum. The Ethiopian Ministries of Health and Education are using the ESOG program as a model for other specialties to build stronger associations that contribute to the quality and high standards of the profession in concrete ways like research expertise, editorial and journal management, or ethics and leadership training. ACOG Fellows have provided CME on over 12 ob-gyn topics and provided advanced training on exam writing, pedagogy and management of CME programs.

Country: India
Program: Continuing Medical Education
Status: On-going
Results: ACOG is partnering with GE Healthcare to co-develop, tailor and implement educational programs for physicians in India. ACOG will tailor existing Emodules and ACOG Fellows will conduct in-person trainings on a range of obstetric and gynecologic topics for physicians.

Countries: Central America
Program: Residency program strengthening
Status: On-going
Results: Since 2003, ACOG has strengthened ob-gyn societies and enhanced professional education and training standards through the Central American Residency Program (CAFA). ACOG supports development of residency accreditation and administration of in-service exams, establishment of minimal educational standards, facilitation of quality assurance processes and mentoring of hospital leaders. Data on residency program performance is measured through an annual in-service examination; results inform improvements in education.

Country: Zambia
Program: Saving Mothers Giving Life (SMGL)
Status: Completed
Results: Worked in 16 districts in Zambia to successfully integrate Uterine Balloon Tamponade (UBT) into the Zambian Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (EmONC) training curriculum. Trained 618 nurses, midwives, and medical doctors in UBT for managing severe Postpartum Hemorrhage (PPH) and preventing maternal mortality.


Country: Nigeria
Program: Survive & Thrive (S&T GDA)
Status: Concluded
Results: S&T GDA was a public-private partnership that aimed to ensure that mothers, newborns, and children can survive and thrive to their full potential. ACOG participated in Saving 100,000 Babies initiative, and collaborated with the Society of OG-GYNs in Nigeria (SOGON) to create an activity and training timeline for the program.

Country: Switzerland
Program: World Health Assembly
Status: On-going
Results: Attend and participate in the World Health Assembly, Geneva Switzerland

Program: Participate in the UN General Assembly, New York
Status: On-going
Results: A panel presentation highlighting the importance of a team-based approach to achieving maternal and newborn survival goals was held on September 19, 2017 in New York City. The event, was supported by Johnson & Johnson, and co-hosted by the American College of Midwives, The American Academy of Pediatrics, and ACOG. Among the diverse panelists, was Dr. Joseph Ngonzi, Chair of Mbarara University in Uganda. Dr. Ngonzi discussed how components of team based care are integrated into the Surgical Operative Obstetrics program.




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