Dr. Ojengbede Oladosu Akanbi honored with Martin-Peterson Global Health Scholar Award

The second awardee of the Martin-Peterson Global Health Scholar Award is Dr. Ojengbede Oladosu Akanbi of Nigeria.

Dr. Ojengbede has spent more than 25 years dedicated to providing expertise and leadership in reproductive health in Nigeria and globally. He is a leading academic fistula surgeon who helped launch the credentialed fellowship at the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan and the adaptation of the UCH Ibadan curriculum into a sample urogynecology curriculum in English and French for the West African College of Surgeons.

The Martin-Peterson Global Health Scholar Award was created in late 2016 by ACOG Past President James N. Martin, Jr., MD. It honors Dr. Herbert B. Peterson’s lifelong dedication to improving the health care of all women globally; leadership in the initiation of the ACOG Global Operations Advisory Group (GOAG) in 2011 which continues to this day; and the need to support activities to enhance the role and recognition of ACOG as the foremost advocate for women’s health in this country and abroad.

Early in his career, Dr. Ojengbede provided help for fistula patients. He researched cost effective interventions for repair and rehabilitation for those suffering from this debilitating condition. Dr. Ojengbede also trained other health care professionals to be able to support fistula patients and partnered with regional governments to build capacity in Nigeria. He created a partnership to provide hemorrhagic shock garments to address problems related to blood loss at delivery, which has become a widespread practice in Nigeria

Dr. Ojengbede has received numerous awards both locally and internationally including from the United Nations Population Fund, The Bill and Melinda Gates Institute, International Society of Obstetric Fistula Surgeons, Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Nigeria, and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

The Martin-Peterson Global Health Scholar Award recognizes an obstetrician-gynecologist with outstanding ability from a low- or middle-income country, who is already in under the auspices of a formal hospital or university program with the purpose of exposing the recipient to ACOG and all its resources. Building bridges between ACOG and ob-gyns throughout the world community at an early stage in their careers will be beneficial both to ACOG and to the Award recipient over their lifetimes.

Dr. Ojengbede is a strong believer in training the next generation of clinician and researchers to be at the cutting edge of their field to help drive health care solutions. As the Acting Vice-Chancellor, and then the Provost of the College of Medicine, University of Ibadan he pursued an agenda of collaboration. Among his accomplishments during this time, he collaborated with Johns Hopkins University to set up the Centre for Population and Reproductive Health (CPRH) at the University of Ibadan. The CPRH program introduced multidisciplinary master’s degrees in reproductive health that spanned departments throughout the College of Medicine. This program has graduated hundreds who are now changing the practice of reproductive health across Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa.

“It has been my lifelong ambition to see a world of improved health care for women, girls, and children and this award tells me that in some measure I have contributed to fulfilling my dream,” said Dr. Ojengbede. “I am always willing and waiting for opportunities which can help increase my contribution to the developing and advocating women’s health in the low-income countries like Nigeria and the world at large.”


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