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The Office of Global Women’s Health was created to leverage our work of capacity building, knowledge sharing, collaboration, innovation, training, quality improvement, high impact interventions, and delivery of care to improve health care for women everywhere. Our vision is a world in which all women have access to quality health care throughout their lives.

OGWH addresses critical global challenges in health care in low-resource settings in order to lower rates of maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity. OGWH acts as a convener for ACOG members and global partners, and we serve as a bridge for university programs to catalyze resources for the support of best practices in women's health care worldwide.

OGWH is driven by a desire to increase women’s access to quality health care globally. Our model of sustainable interventions and strategies includes:

  • Enhancing team-based care, quality improvement and advocacy to improve women’s health care.
  • Improving medical education, residency programs and continuing education.
  • Sharing the best science and latest evidence-based guidelines on women’s health appropriate to low resource settings.
  • Building health care teams to provide appropriate obstetric care, integrate family planning and immunizations and other health interventions.

OGWH leverages the strengths of ACOG’s members and our global partnerships to lower rates of maternal and newborn mortality and morbidity. ACOG works glocally (globally and locally) to provide shoulder-to-shoulder engagement that makes available training for health care workers, quality improvement for delivery of the best services, creation and sustainability of residency and medical education, and convenes partners to deliver solutions, information, and resources in the pursuit of fulfilling our mission.™

SOO Mbarara

Just this year…

In Uganda ACOG trained 37 health care providers in the Structured Operative Obstetrics (SOO™) course. Twenty-seven completed the required number of observed caesarean deliveries and 20 were certified as Ugandan Master Trainers who are able to deliver the SOO™ course.

In Malawi ACOG is implementing a quality improvement initiative centered around the Alliance for Innovation on Maternal Health (AIM) safety bundles to provide improvements to postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) interventions.

In Latin America ACOG worked with the Committee of Accreditation Federation of Association and Societies of Obstetrics and Gynecology (CAFA) to provide accreditation for residency programs, and develop and administer a certification examinations catalyzing awareness in the entire region. In 2015, 116 certification exams were administered in six Central American countries.

Uganda training

In Zambia ACOG convened a panel making a case for postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) prevention intervention, with a particular focus on adding uterine balloon tamponade (UBT) as a rescue device in PPH prevention interventions. ACOG introduced UBT training to 49 maternal health care providers. The training included skills-building exercises that addressed the technical concerns and challenges of integrating UBT in PPH.

ACOG serves as a bridge for our university partners by developing a resource hub for distance education and skills development to engage our members who are interested in participating in shoulder-to-shoulder exchanges. ACOG provides a listserv for 144 members to discuss and participate in global health topics and programs.

OGWH has a portfolio of nine international programs in 21 countries. ACOG has worked in Burma, Ethiopia, India, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia, and Central and South America.


OGWH Staff:

Carla Eckhardt, Senior Director, Global Women's Health & Special Issues in Women’s Health

Elizabeth O'Connell, MPIA, Director of Development

Berhanu Tadesse Taye, MD, MBA, Program Director

Fiona Clem, MLIS, Information Manager

Andrea Momah, MPH, Program Administrator

Ariana Rua, Program Administrator

Hanan Abdulahi, MPP, Program Specialist

Sue Viana, Program Specialist

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