Resources for Obstetrician-Gynecologists

CDC Resources

Interim U.S. Guidance for Monitoring and Movement of Persons with Potential Ebola Virus Exposure 
This page provides recommendations for monitoring people potentially exposed to Ebola and for evaluating their intended travel, including the application of movement restrictions when indicated.

Review of Human-to-Human Transmission of Ebola Virus
This report summarizes the current published science about human-to-human transmission of Ebola virus.

Epidemiologic Risk Factors to Consider when Evaluating a Person for Exposure to Ebola Virus 
This page lists epidemiologic risk factors that should be considered when evaluating a person for Ebola virus disease, classifying contacts, or considering public health actions such as monitoring and movement restrictions based on exposure.

Guidance for Screening and Caring for Pregnant Women with Ebola Virus Disease for Healthcare Providers in U.S. Hospitals
This guidance outlines how to screen pregnant women for Ebola virus disease and how to care for pregnant women as patients under investigation for or with confirmed Ebola virus disease, including considerations for pregnant healthcare workers. 

Additional Resources

US hospital preparedness for obstetrics patients with possible Ebola 
This editorial addresses hospital preparedness for obstetric patients with Ebola.

Ebola in pregnancy: risk and clinical outcomes 
This article addresses Ebola risk and clinical outcomes in pregnancy. 

Guidance paper Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC): pregnant and lactating women 
This paper focuses on medical staff safety by providing recommendations to reduce the risk of infection to the absolute minimum for health personnel.  

Principles of management for pregnant women with Ebola: a western context 
This page addresses both the general treatment of Ebola infected patients, as well as management of pregnant and postpartum women. 

Ebola: Caring for Pregnant and Postpartum Women and Newborns in the United States: AWHONN Practice Brief Number 3 
This practice brief covers management of pregnant and postpartum women with Ebola, as well as newborns.

Obstetrics in the time of Ebola: challenges and dilemmas in providing lifesaving care during a deadly epidemic 
This article addresses the challenges of providing care during the Ebola epidemic.

Ebola in Pregnancy: Information for healthcare workers, Public Health England 
This page contains specific information on assessing pregnant patients at risk of Ebola virus disease.


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