Fellow Election Call for Nominations: June 1st Deadline

You are officially invited to get involved, because your specialty and your patients need more advocates! The ACOG Executive Board recently voted to shorten the District and Section Fellow Officer terms from 3 to 2 years. In doing so, more Fellows will be afforded the opportunity to serve in leadership positions.


We are currently accepting nominations from the following Districts & Sections for the 2019-2021 election cycle (Sections are listed in alphabetical order):




Sections (District):

Alabama (VII)

Alaska (VIII)

Alberta (VIII)

Argentina (IV)

Atlantic Provinces (I)

California Section 1 (IX)

California Section 7 (IX)

Central America (VIII)

Delaware (III)

Florida Section 1 (XII)

Florida Section 4 (XII)

Idaho (VIII)

Kansas (VII)

Maine (I)

Maryland (IV)

Mexico (VII)

Minnesota (VI)

Missouri (VII)

Montana (VIII)

Navy (X)

New York Section 2 (II)

New York Section 5 (II)

New York Section 8 (II)

New York Section 9 (II)

North Carolina (IV)

Ohio (V)

Pennsylvania (III)

Saskatchewan (VI)

South Dakota (VI)

Texas Section 3 (XI)

Utah (VIII)

Vermont (I)

Washington (VIII)

West Indies (IV)

West Virginia (IV)

Wyoming (VIII)  

To become a candidate for office, your official address must be within the district or section in which you are running for office. You must submit the following materials electronically to fellowelect@acog.org, by June 1, 2018:

  1. A letter from you stating the office for which you would like to be a candidate.
  2. A one-page, single-sided, summary statement of your curriculum vitae (sample)
  3. A complete curriculum vitae  


When candidates submit this information, their names and office(s) for which they are running will be listed on the ACOG website under the District & Section Activities department page. These materials will be distributed to each District or Section Nominating Committee before their Annual District Meetings. 


For descriptions of responsibilities associated with each office. Click on the following:

District Officer Duties

Section Officer Duties


Click here to view a complete list of District and Section Fellow Officer positions and candidates up for this election cycle. If you have questions about this process, please contact Tamara Kelly (fellowelect@acog.org; 202/314-2346).


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Senior Director

Megan Willis


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