2020 Fellow Section Officer Positions

District I Sections


Chile Chair


Chile Vice Chair



Massachusetts Chair
Glenn Markenson, MD


Massachusetts Vice Chair

Luu Doan Ireland, MD


Massachusetts Secretary/Treasurer


New Hampshire

New Hampshire Chair


New Hampshire Vice Chair


New Hampshire Secretary/Treasurer, MD

Kristin Yates Coleman, MD



Quebec Chair


Quebec Vice Chair


Rhode Island

Rhode Island Chair

Beth Cronin, MD


Rhode Island Vice Chair

Meera Simoes, MD


Rhode Island Treasurer 


District II Sections

New York Section 1

New York Section 1 Chair

Candice Fraser, MD


New York Section 1 Vice Chair

Cynthia Abraham, MD


New York Section 1 Secretary/Treasurer


New York Section 3

New York Section 3 Chair

Ashlesha Dayal, MD


New York Section 3 Vice Chair

Ashlesha Dayal, MD

Laura Kim, MD


New York Section 3 Secretary/Treasurer

Laura Kim, MD


New York Section 6

New York Section 6 Chair

Hans Cassagnol, MD, MMM


New York Section 6 Vice Chair


New York Section 7

New York Section 7 Chair

Meera Garcia, MD


New York Section 7 Vice Chair

Meera Garcia, MD


New York Section 10

New York Section 10 Chair

J. Christopher Glantz, MD


New York Section 10 Vice Chair 

Mary Wilsch, MD


District III Sections

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Chair
Elisa Fernandez, MD  *pending Executive Board Approval


Dominican Republic Vice Chair
Jenny Garcia Salazar, MD


Dominican Republic Secretary/Treasurer 

Agustin Diaz Rodriguez, MD 

District IV Sections 

District of Columbia

District of Columbia Chair

Sara Imershein, MD, MPH


District of Columbia Vice Chair

O.Temitope Bada, MD 

Pamela Lotke, MD

Amr Madkour, MD



Georgia Chair

Ruth Cline, MD 

Melissa Kottke, MD


Georgia Vice Chair
Catherine M. Bonk, MD


Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Chair

Jorge Ostolaza-Bey, MD


Puerto Rico Vice Chair

Miguel Vazquez Guzman, MD


Puerto Rico Secretary

Yolianne Lozada Capriles, MD


South Carolina

South Carolina Chair
Amy H. Crockett, MD, MSPH


South Carolina Vice Chair
N. Dawn Bingham, MD


South Carolina Secretary/Treasurer

Ryan D. Cuff, MD



Virginia Chair
Ami H. Keatts, MD


Virginia Vice Chair

Michael Moxley, MD 

Carrie Sopata, MD, MPH


Virginia Treasurer

Frances Casey, MD, MPH 

Hartaj Powell, MD, MPH


District V Sections


Indiana Chair

Brownsyne Tucker Edmonds, MD, MPH, MS


Indiana Vice Chair

Elizabeth Ferries-Rowe, MD


Indiana Secretary


Indiana Treasurer

Tronya Hawkins, MD



Kentucky Chair

Ashlee Bergin, MD, MPH


Kentucky Vice Chair

Niraj Chavan, MD


Kentucky Secretary/Treasurer

Niraj Chavan, MD



Michigan Chair

Robert Starr, MD


Michigan Vice Chair

Vashali Bhargava, MD


Michigan Secretary


Michigan Treasurer 

Courtney Townsel, MD, MSc


District VI Sections


Illinois Chair


Illinois Vice Chair

Jessica Kiley, MD, MPH


Illinois Secretary/Treasurer

Arturo Garza-Cavazos, MD



Iowa Chair

Shannon Leveridge, MD


Iowa Vice Chair

Lindsey Jenkins, MD


Iowa Secretary/Treasurer

Debra Piehl, MD



Nebraska Chair


Nebraska Vice Chair



Peru Chair

Miguel Gutierrez-Ramos, MD


Peru Vice Chair

Jose Antonio Levano-Castro, MD


Peru Secretary


Peru Treasurer



Wisconsin Chair

Ann Windsor, MD


Wisconsin Vice Chair

Makeba Williams, MD


Wisconsin Treasurer

Amy Domeyer-Klenske, MD


District VII Sections


Arkansas Chair


Arkansas Vice Chair

Michael Smith, MD


Arkansas Secretary/Treasurer



Louisiana Chair


Louisiana Vice Chair


Louisiana Secretary/Treasurer



Oklahoma Chair

John Stanley, III, MD


Oklahoma Vice Chair

Monica Tschirhart, MD


Oklahoma Secretary/Treasurer

Christine Taylor, MD



Tennessee Chair

Dave Soll, MD


Tennessee Vice Chair

Howard Herrell, MD


Tennessee Secretary

Nancy Utley, MD 

Nikka Zite, MD, MPH


Tennessee Treasurer

Lara Harvey, MD


District VIII Sections 


Arizona Chair
Laura T. Mercer, MD


Arizona Vice Chair

Kathleen Harner, MD, MPH


Arizona Secretary

Victoria Fewell, MD 

Greg Marchand, MD


Arizona Treasurer

Greg Marchand, MD

Anna Nelson-Moseke, MD


British Columbia

British Columbia Chair

Peter Wilson, MD


British Columbia Vice Chair



Colorado Chair

Emily Schneider, MD, MS


Colorado Vice Chair

Amy Markese, MD

Nguyet "Nicki" Nguyen, MD


Colorado Treasurer

Brittney Bastow, MD



Hawaii Chair

Reni Soon, MD, MPH


Hawaii Vice Chair

Angel Willey, MD


Hawaii Secretary/Treasurer

Stacy Tsai, MD



Nevada Chair

Aimee Fleury, MD


Nevada Vice Chair

Wilfredo Torres, MD


Nevada Secretary/Treasurer

David Jackson, MD


New Mexico

New Mexico Chair

Keri Rath, MD


New Mexico Vice Chair

Peter Jeppson, MD


New Mexico Secretary


New Mexico Treasurer

Lisa Hofler, MD, MPH, MBA



Oregon Chair

Carrie Miles, MD, MPH


Oregon Vice Chair

Julia Barnes, MD, JD


Oregon Secretary

Lisa Bayer, MD, MPH


Oregon Treasurer 

Michael Lee, MD


District IX Sections  

California Section 4

California Section 4 Chair

Daniele Feldman, MD


California Section 4 Vice Chair


California Section 8

California Section 8 Chair

Jasmine Lai, MD


California Section 8 Vice Chair 

Julia Cormano, MD


District X (Armed Forces) Sections 

Air Force

Air Force Chair

Larissa Weir, MD


Air Force Vice Chair

Joshua Combs, MD


Air Force Vice Chair-Retired



Army Chair

Caela Miller, MD


Army Vice Chair

Rhiana Saunders, MD

Erin Keyser, MD


Army Vice Chair-Retired 


District XI Sections 

Texas Section 1

Texas Section 1 Chair


Texas Section 1 Vice Chair


Texas Section 1 Secretary/Treasurer


Texas Section 4

Texas Section 4 Chair


Texas Section 4 Vice Chair


Texas Section 4 Secretary/Treasurer 

Kimberly Pilkinton, MD, MPH


District XII Sections 

Florida Section 2

Florida Section 2 Chair

Deanna McCullough, MD


Florida Section 2 Vice Chair

Christina Adams, MD

Sarah Weaver, MD


Florida Section 5

Florida Section 5 Chair

John Caravallo, MD


Florida Section 5 Vice Chair 


Florida Section 6

Florida Section 6 Chair


Florida Section 6 Vice Chair


Florida Section 7/Colombia

Florida Section 7 Chair


Florida Section 7 Vice Chair


* Denotes an appointed position


Mary Behneman
Senior Director

Megan Willis


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