2019 Fellow Section Officer Positions and Candidates

District I Sections

Atlantic Provinces

Atlantic Provinces Chair

Atlantic Provinces Vice Chair


Maine Chair

Maine Vice Chair

Maine Secretary/Treasurer


Vermont Chair
Malcom Paine, MD

Vermont Vice Chair
Kimberley Sampson, MD

Vermont Secretary
Lauren MacAfee, MD, MSc

Vermont Treasurer
Lauren MacAfee, MD, MSc



District II Sections

New York Section 2

New York Section 2 Chair
Ana Munoz-Matta, MD

New York Section 2 Vice Chair

New York Section 5

New York Section 5 Chair

New York Section 5 Vice Chair
Hans Cassagnol, MD, MMM, CPE

New York Section 8

New York Section 8 Chair
Jessica Atrio, MD

New York Section 8 Vice Chair

New York Section 9

New York Section 9 Chair
Craig Zelig, MD

New York Section 9 Vice Chair
Dympna Weil, MD



District III Sections


Delaware Chair
Nancy Fan, MD

Delaware Vice Chair

Delaware Secretary
Margaret Chou, MD

Delaware Treasurer
Larry Glazerman, MD, MBA


Pennsylvania Chair

Pennsylvania Vice Chair
Amanda Flicker, MD

Pennsylvania Secretary
Holly Cummings, MD, MPH

Pennsylvania Treasurer


District IV Sections


Argentina Chair
Pablo Carpintero, MD

Argentina Vice Chair
Gustavo Litterio, MD

Argentina Treasurer


Maryland Chair
Robert Atlas, MD

Maryland Vice Chair

Maryland Secretary/Treasurer
Bailey Cannon, MD

North Carolina

North Carolina Chair

North Carolina Vice Chair

North Carolina Treasurer

West Indies

West Indies Chair

West Indies Vice Chair

West Virginia

West Virginia Chair
Coy Flowers, MD

West Virginia Vice Chair
Anne Banfield, MD

West Virginia Treasurer*


District V Sections


Ohio Chair
Amy Burkett, MD

Ohio Vice Chair
David Hackney, MD, MS

Ohio Secretary/Treasurer
Danielle Martter, MD


District VI Sections


Minnesota Chair

Elizabeth Elfstrand, MD

Minnesota Vice Chair

Siri Fiebiger, MD

Minnesota Secretary/Treasurer


Saskatchewan Chai

Nerissa Tyson, MD

Saskatchewan Vice Chair

South Dakota

South Dakota Chair

South Dakota Vice Chair
Mark Ballard, MD


District VII Sections


Alabama Chair

Alabama Vice Chair

Alabama Secretary/Treasurer
Janeen Arbuckle, MD, PhD


Kansas Chair
Charles Gibbs, MD, MFA

Kansas Vice Chair
Kimberly Swan, MD

Kansas Secretary/Treasurer
Sarah Baldassaro, MD

Tara Chettiar, MD


Mexico Chair
Sergio Fajardo-Duenas, MD

Mexico Vice Chair
Rodrigo Zamora-Escudero, MD

Mexico Secretary/Treasurer
Jose Tiran-Saucedo, MD


Missouri Chair
Ravi Johar, MD

Missouri Vice Chair
Mistie Mills, MD

Missouri Secretary/Treasurer
Daniel Jackson, MD, MS

Colleen McNicholas, DO, MSCI


District VIII Sections


Alaska Chair
Wendy Cruz, MD

Alaska Vice Chair
Ellie Hogenson, MD, MPH


Alberta Chair
Karen Bailey, MD

Alberta Vice Chair

Central America

Central America Chair
Cesar Reyes Martinez, MD

Central America Vice Chair
Ruben Fernandez, Jr., MD

Central America Secretary

Central America Treasurer
Alfredo Beitia, MD

Central America Vocal 1
Isaac Castrillo Acuna, MD

Central America Vocal 2
Marcio Montoya, MD


Idaho Chair

Idaho Vice Chair


Montana Chair
Randall Gibb, MD

Montana Vice Chair

Montana Secretary/Treasurer


Utah Chair
Scott Jacob, MD

Utah Vice Chair
Lori Gawron, MD, MPH

Utah Secretary/Treasurer
Dyanne Tappin, MD


Washington Chair
Nariman Heshmati, MD

Washington Vice Chair


Wyoming Chair

Wyoming Vice Chair


District IX Sections

California Section 1

California Section 1 Chair

California Section 1 Vice Chair
Juliana Melo, MD

California Section 7

California Section 7 Chair

California Section 7 Vice Chair


District X Section(s)


Navy Chair
Monica Lutgendorf, MD

Stuart Shippey, MD

Mae Healy, DO

Navy Vice Chair
Adam Sischy, MD

Navy Vice Chair-Retired
Maureen Farrell, MD



District XI Sections

Texas Section 3

Texas Section 3 Chair
David Vineyard, JD, MD

Texas Section 3 Vice Chair

Texas Section 3 Secretary/Treasurer


District XII Sections

Florida Section 1

Florida Section 1 Chair
Suzanne Bush, MD, NCMP

Florida Section 1 Vice Chair
Tanya Evers, MD

Florida Section 4

Florida Section 4 Chair
Sheila Connery, MD

Florida Section 4 Vice Chair
Victor Feldbaum, MD

* Denotes an appointed position
Please contact fellowelect@acog.org; 202/314-2346 if you have any election related questions or concerns.



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