2017-2020 Fellow Section Officer Positions and Candidates

* Denotes an appointed position

District I Sections

Massachusetts Chair
James K.C. Wang, Jr, MD

Massachusetts Vice Chair
Glenn R. Markenson, MD

Massachusetts Secretary/Treasurer
Louise P. King, MD, JD

Quebec Chair
Yvonne Vasilie, MD

Quebec Vice Chair

Rhode Island
Rhode Island Chair
Emily M. White, MD, MPH

Rhode Island Vice Chair
Beth Cronin, MD

District II Sections

New York Section 3
New York Section 3 Chair
Tony Tsai, MD

New York Section 3 Vice Chair
Tod J. Rothschild, MD

New York Section 6
New York Section 6 Chair
Vanessa M. Barnabei, MD, PhD

New York Section 6 Vice Chair
Armen A. Kirakosyan, MD

New York Section 10
New York Section 10 Chair
William J. Harvey, MD

New York Section 10 Vice Chair
J. Christopher Glantz, MD, MPH

District III Sections

Delaware Chair
Gordon J. Ostrum, Jr, MD

Delaware Vice Chair
Nancy Fan, MD

Delaware Secretary
Casey L. Bedder, DO

Delaware Treasurer
Vanita D. Jain, MD

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Chair
Elisa Fernandez de Scheker, MD

Dominican Republic Vice Chair
Rosa A. Martinez de Paredes, MD

District IV Sections

District of Columbia
District of Columbia Chair
Patricia A. Smith, MD

District of Columbia Vice Chair
Sara L. Imershein, MD, MPH

South Carolina
South Carolina Chair
Judith T. Burgis, MD

South Carolina Vice Chair
Amy H. Crockett, MD, MSPH

South Carolina Treasurer
Triz V. Smith, MD

District V Sections

Kentucky Chair
Miriam S. Krause, MD

Kentucky Vice Chair
Ashlee Bergin, MD, MPH

Michigan Chair
Matthew T. Allswede, MD

Michigan Vice Chair
Robert A. Starr, MD

Michigan Secretary
Vashali Bhargava, MD

Michigan Treasurer
Katherine A. Starr, MD, MS

District VI Sections

Illinois Chair
J. Ricardo Loret de Mola, MD

Illinois Vice Chair

Illinois Secretary/Treasurer
Jessica W. Kiley, MD, MPH

Nebraska Chair
Brendan D. Connealy, MD

Nebraska Vice Chair
Sarah V. Gernhart, MD

Wisconsin Chair
Sheldon A. Wasserman, MD

Wisconsin Vice Chair
Anna Marie Windsor, MD

Wisconsin Secretary/Treasurer

District VII Sections

Alabama Chair
Lynda C. Gilliam, MD

Alabama Vice Chair
David R. Ellington, MD

Alabama Secretary/Treasurer
Rodney P. Rocconi, MD

Louisiana Chair
Marshall S. St. Amant, MD

Louisiana Vice Chair
Robin B. Bone, MD

Louisiana Secretary/Treasurer
Glenda G. Johnson, MD

Oklahoma Chair
Lydia D. Nightingale, MD

Oklahoma Vice Chair
John R. Stanley, III, MD

Oklahoma Secretary/Treasurer
Jeff E. Northcutt, MD

District VIII Sections

Alaska Chair
Wendy S. Cruz, MD

Alaska Vice Chair
Eiluned A. Hogenson, MD

Arizona Chair
Katherine B. Glaser, MD

Arizona Vice Chair
Eric M. Reuss, MD, MPH

Arizona Secretary
Elizabeth M. Reynoso, MD

Arizona Treasurer
Laura T. Mercer, MD

Nevada Chair
Shannon L. Hess, MD

Nevada Vice Chair
Darin Swainston, MD

District IX Sections

California Section 4
California Section 4 Chair
Minako Watabe, MD

California Section 4 Vice Chair
Daniele R. Feldman, MD

California Section 5
California Section 5 Chair
Aparna Sridhar, MD, MPH

California Section 5 Vice Chair
Neil S. Silverman, MD

California Section 8
California Section 8 Chair
Antoinette M. Marengo-Barbick, MD

California Section 8 Vice Chair
Jasmine Lai, MD

District X (Armed Forces District) Sections

Air Force
Air Force Chair
Jason C. Massengill, MD - LtCOL USAF, MC

Air Force Vice Chair
Larissa F. Weir, MD - MAJ, USAF, MC

Air Force Vice Chair-Retired
M. Bardett Fausett, MD - COL, USAF, MC (Retired)

District XI Sections

Texas Section 1
Texas Section 1 Chair
Roberto Casanova, MD

Texas Section 1 Vice Chair
Veronica T. Mallett, MD, MMM

Texas Section 1 Secretary/Treasurer
Teresa E. Baker, MD

Texas Section 4
Texas Section 4 Chair
Richard Todd Ivey, MD

Texas Section 4 Vice Chair
Mark A. Turrentine, MD

Texas Section 4 Secretary/Treasurer
Pamela A. Promecene-Cook

District XII Sections

Florida Section 2
Florida Section 2 Chair
Daniel C. McDyer, MD

Florida Section 2 Vice Chair
Deanna C. McCullough, MD

Florida Section 5
Florida Section 5 Chair
Linda A. Kiley, MD

Florida Section 5 Vice Chair
John W. Caravello, MD

Please contact Megan Willis (fellowelect@acog.org; 202/863-2531) with any Fellow Election related questions.


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