2017 2020 Fellow Section Nominating Committees

Please contact your Section Nominating Committee Chair (contact info provided below for all Section Nominating Committees in the 2017-2020 election cycle) if you wish to give feedback on any of the official Section candidates listed on our website, or if you would like to know the date of the Nominating Committee Meeting. The Nominating Committee Meeting dates that have been conveyed to the ACOG National Office are listed next to their respective Committee. 


Massachusetts Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Erin Tracy - Chair

Tel: 617/726-3564

Email: eetracy@mgh.harvard.edu


Dr. Julia Johnson

Tel: 508/334-5369

Email: julia.johnson@umassmemorial.org


Dr. Maryanne Bombaugh

Tel: 508/540-5113

Email: bombaugh@massmed.org


Quebec Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Markus Martin - Chair

Tel: 514/735-3122

Email: markus.martin@mcgill.ca


Dr. Renee Soucy

Tel: 418/689-7442

Email: soucy@globetrotter.net


Dr. Robert Gauthier

Email: robert_gauthier@ssss.gouv.qc.ca


Rhode Island Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Patrick Sweeney - Chair

Tel: 401/284-1174

Email: psweeney@wihri.org


Dr. E. Christine Brousseau

Tel: 401/489-4579

Email: ebrousseau@wihri.org  


Dr. Terry Cahill

Tel: 401/421-2164

Email: tfcahillmd75@gmail.com



New York Section 3 Nominating Committee

Dr. David Chiang - Chair

Tel: 718/321-2550

Email: davesvh@aol.com


Dr. Lisa Rosenberg

Tel: 718/454-3200

Email: lrose@498@yahoo.com


Dr. Wesnor Thenor-Louis

Tel: 917/921-4270

Email: thenormd@hotmail.com  


New York Section 6 Nominating Committee

Dr. George Danakas - Chair

Tel: 716/652-8606

Email: drobg@aol.com


Dr. Mark Weissman

Tel: 716/877-1221

Email: markweissmanmd@aol.com


Dr. Gil Farkash

Tel: 716/677-0454

Email: gilfarkash@roadrunner.com


New York Section 10 Nominating Committee

Dr. David Gandell - Chair

Tel: 585/461-5940

Email: david_gandell@urmc.rochester.edu


Dr. Coral Surgeon

Tel: 585/244-3430

Email: csurgeon@rochester.rr.com


Dr. Derek TenHoopen

Tel: 585/576-7080

Email: djtenhoopenmd@wrog.org


Delaware Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Kirsten Smith - Chair

Tel: 302/623-6320

Email: kmsmd@aol.com


Dr. AnnMarie D'Amico

Tel: 302/652-7037

Email: annamd1947@gmail.com


Dr. Janice Tildon-Burton

Tel: 302/832-1124

Email: tjanice935@aol.com


Dr. Casey Bedder

Tel: 302/994-4764

Email: caseybedder@gmail.com


Dominican Republic Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Milciades Albert - Chair

Tel: 809/689-6420

Email: milciadesalbert@yahoo.com


Dr. Jorge Vargas

Email: jorgevargas45@gmail.com


Dr. Marino Perez

Tel: 809/853-7456

Email: marino.perez957@gmail.com



District of Columbia Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Constance Bohon - Chair

Tel: 202/331-9293

Email: constance.bohon@gmail.com


Dr. Jennifer Keller

Tel: 202/741-2500

Email: jennymk2003@gmail.com


Dr. Pamela Lotke

Tel: 202/877-7415

Email: pamela.lotke@medstar.net


Dr. Marian Wulf-Gutierrez

Tel: 703/505-4480

Email: MEW6@gunet.georgetown.edu


South Carolina Section Nominating Committee

The South Carolina Nominating Committee will take place on Friday, September 9th. If you have any questions or comments about the candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the meeting.


Dr. Scott Sullivan - Chair

Tel: 843/792-6486

Email: sullivas@musc.edu


Dr. John Schnorr

Tel: 843/883-5800

Email: john@schnorr.us


Dr. John Browning

Tel: 803/669-1264

Email: jbbrowning2@gmail.com 



Kentucky Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Kenneth Payne - Chair

Tel: 502/797-9940

Email: kjpayn01@hotmail.com


Dr. Connie White

Tel: 502/395-0858

Email: conniegwhite1954@Gmail.com


Dr. Kimberly Bernard

Tel: 502/609-2754

Email: kgbernard4@gmail.com


Michigan Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Gene McNeeley - Chair

Tel: 248/203-2711

Email: gene.mcneeley@stjoeshealth.org


Dr. Robert Lorenz

Tel: 248/363-4697

Email: boblorenz33@gmail.com


Dr. Tarek Khalife

Tel: 313/680-4224

Email: tarekkhalife@hotmail.com


Dr. Tom Markus

Tel: 989/667-3377

Email: tmarkusmd@charter.net



Illinois Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Phillip Higgins - Chair

Tel: 815/971-3334

Email: phigginsr@hsnet.org


Dr. Denise Elser

Tel: 708/499-9800

Email: delser@whii.org


Dr. Howard Strassner

Tel: 312/942-6380

Email: hstrassn@rush.edu


Dr. Tamara Helfer

Tel: 217/366-1255

Email: tamarahelfer@gmail.com


Nebraska Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Todd Pankratz - Chair

Tel: 402/463-6793

Email: tpankratz2@charter.net


Dr. Robert Bonebrake

Tel: 402/815-1970

Email: robert.bonebrake@nmhs.org


Dr. Paul Tomich

Tel: 402/559-9446

Email: ptomich@unmc.edu


Wisconsin Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Jeffrey Rodzak - Chair

Tel: 608/406-6404

Email: rodzak@wisc.edu


Dr. Donald Weber

Tel: 715/838-6100

Email: weber.donald@mayo.edu


Dr. Kristin Lyerly

Tel: 608/354-6918

Email: kristin.lyerly@gmail.com


Dr. Kathy Hartke

Tel: 262/532-5700

Email: kdhartke@gmail.com


Dr. Robert Jaeger

Tel: 715/341-0590

Email: rjjaeger@fibernetcc.com



Alabama Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Max Rogers - Chair

Tel: 251/435-7800

Email: max.rogers@infirmaryhealth.com


Dr. J. Michael Straughn, Jr.

Tel: 205/934-4986

Email: jmstraughn@yahoo.com


Louisiana Section Nominating Committee

Dr. William Dore Binder - Chair

Tel: 225/802-8270

Email: wdbinder@gmail.com


Dr. John Hevron, Jr.

Tel: 504/455-7682

Email: hevron@cox.net


Dr. Kathleen Sullivan

Tel: 504/885-8563

Email: kathleensullivanmd@gmail.com


Oklahoma Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Dana Stone - Chair

Tel: 405/936-1082

Email: dana@fourstone.com


Dr. Grant Cox

Tel: 918/637-6511

Email: gcox@ogstulsa.com


Dr. Rupa DeSilva

Tel: 918/231-4627

Email: rupadesilva73@gmail.com



Alaska Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Susan Lemagie - Chair

Tel: 907/745-8379

Email: slemagie@gmail.com


Dr. Tina Tomsen

Tel: 907/561-7111

Email: ttomsen@awcp.net


Dr. Peter Lawrason

Tel: 907/452-1622

Email: plawrason@drlawrason.com


Arizona Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Maria Manriquez - Chair

Tel: 480/292-5933

Email: mmanriqu@email.arizona.edu


Dr. Julie Kwatra

Tel: 480/451-1975

Email: juliekwatra@hotmail.com


Dr. Anna Nelson-Moseke

Tel: 520/495-4999

Email: anelsonmoseke@genesisobgyn.net


Nevada Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Tim McFarren - Chair

Tel: 775/883-3636

Email: mcfarrens@sbcglobal.net


Dr. Jeffrey Wrightson

Tel: 702/595-1377

Email: ildlvru@mac.com


Dr. Sandra Koch

Tel: 775/883-3636

Email: koch-mcfarren@sbcglobal.net


Dr. John Martin

Tel: 702/255-2022

Email: owbejuan@aol.com


Dr. Staci McHale

Tel: 702/740-0500

Email: stacimchale@gmail.com


Dr. Keith Brill

Tel: 702/862-8862

Email: doc4moms@gmail.com 



California Section 4 Nominating Committee

Dr. Virginia Siegfried - Chair

Tel: 805/722-5501

Email: vasiegfried@gmail.com


Dr. Mary Ciotti

Tel: 916/205-2120

Email: ciottimc@gmail.com


Dr. David Raphael

Tel: 805/898-3282

Email: draphael@sansumclinic.org


California Section 5 Nominating Committee

Dr. Laura Sirott - Chair

Tel: 626/449-6223

Email: lsirott@gmail.com


Dr. Kimberly Gregory

Tel: 310/423-5420

Email: gregory@cshs.org


Dr. Paul Weber

Tel: 562/595-5380

Email: prwebermd@gmail.com


California Section 8 Nominating Committee

Dr. Doug Fenton - Chair

Tel: 760/827-7500

Email: dkfenton@ucsd.edu


Dr. Dane Shipp

Tel: 761/944-1000

Email: dshipp100@gmail.com


Dr. Stacy Hulley

Tel: 858/254-9465

Email: stacyhulley@gmail.com 



Air Force Section Nominating Committee

Dr. Barton Staat - Chair

Tel: 301/648-4370

Email: barton.staat@usuhs.edu


Dr. Tony Propst

Tel: 210/912-2713

Email: anthony@txfertility.com


Dr. Melissa Wollan-Francis

Tel: 253/-224-7716

Email: melissa.wollan_francis@us.af.mil


Dr. Andrea Shields

Tel: 210/632-0017

Email: adshields@gmail.com



Texas Section 1 Nominating Committee


Texas Section 4 Nominating Committee

Dr. Laurie Swaim - Chair

Tel: 832/826-7458

Email: swaim@bcm.edu


Dr. Mark Turrentine

Tel: 713/927-3874

Email: DrT318@aol.com


Dr. Pamela Berens

Tel: 713/500-6471
Email: Pamela.D.Berens@uth.tmc.edu


Florida Section 2 Nominating Committee 

The Florida Section 2 Nominating Committee will take place on Wednesday, August 3rd. If you have any questions or comments about the candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the meeting.


Dr. T. Michael Phelan - Chair

Tel: 904/388-0704

Email: michaelphelan9@comcast.net


Dr. Guy Benrubi

Tel: 904/244-3112

Email: guy.benrubi@jax.ufl.edu


Dr. Anthony Gregg

Tel: 803/414-4014

Email: greggar@ufl.edu


Dr. Jade Pizarro

Tel: 904/264-9555

Email: ufjade@gmail.com 


Florida Section 5 Nominating Committee 

The Florida Section 5 Nominating Committee will take place on Thursday, August 4th. If you have any questions or comments about the candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the meeting.


Dr. Maureen Whelihan - Chair

Tel: 561/253-5915

Email: DrWhelihan@gmail.com


Dr. John Burigo

Tel: 561/627-6801

Email: johnburigo@obgynspb.com


Dr. Anthony Shaya

Tel: 561/354-1515

Email: AShaya@comcast.net


Dr. Colette Brown-Graham

Tel: 561/792-0050

Email: cbgchfw@hotmail.com 





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