2016 2019 Fellow Section Nominating Committees

Please contact your Section Nominating Committee Chair (contact info provided below for all Section Nominating Committees in the 2016-2019 election cycle) if you wish to give feedback on any of the official Section candidates listed on our website, or if you would like to know the date of the Nominating Committee Meeting. The Nominating Committee Meeting dates that have been conveyed to the ACOG National Office are listed next to their respective Committee. 


Atlantic Provinces Nominating Committee

Dr. Arthur Zilbert - CHAIR

Tel: 902/465-8700

Email: arthur.zilbert@ns.sympatico.ca


Dr. Edward Reardon

Tel: 506/634-1848

Email: reardon.ed@gmail.com


Vermont Nominating Committee

Dr. John Gallagher - CHAIR

Tel: 802/879-1802

Email: johnjackgallag@yahoo.com


Dr. Stephen Woodruff

Tel: 802/223-7366

Email: sjwoodruffmd@yahoo.com


New York Section 2 Nominating Committee 

Dr. Howard Minkoff - CHAIR

Tel: 718/283-7973

Email: hminkoff@maimonidesmed.org


Dr. Paul Kastell

Tel: 718/963-7471

Email: pkastell@aol.com


Dr. Norman Angell

Tel: 518/264-5026

Email: norman.angell@gmail.com


Dr. Louis Camilien

Tel: 718/780-3272

Email: loc9007@nyp.org


New York Section 5 Nominating Committee

Dr. Samuel Badalian

Tel: 315/476-9136

Email: badalian@netzero.com


Dr. Dhruv Agneshwar

Tel: 607/239-4748

Email: Dhruv_Agneshwar@uhs.org


Dr. Paul Kruger

Tel: 315/824-0161

Email: pskruger@twcny.rr.com


Dr. Carla Liberatore

Tel: 315/469-4044

Email: cbebla@yahoo.com


New York Section 8 Nominating Committee 

The New York Section 8 Nominating Committee will take place on Monday, August 31st. If you have any questions or comments about the candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the meeting.

Dr. David Garry

Tel: 718/920-9647

Email: dgarry@montefiore.org


Dr. Erika Banks

Tel: 718/430-4031

Email: ebanks@montefiore.org


Dr. Cynthia Chazotte

Tel: 718/904-2794

Email: cchazott@montefiore.org


New York Section 9 Nominating Committee 

Dr. Cheryl Burack

Tel: 518/465-3318

Email: mhb98@nycap.rr.com


Dr. Lawrence Perl

Tel: 518/828-8225

Email: lmarkp@aol.com


Dr. Maureen Killackey

Tel: 518/391-8626

Email: killackm9@gmail.com


Dr. Edward Jacobs

Tel: 518/439-6519

Email: storkdoc1@aol.com


Dr. Renee Samelson

Tel: 518/262-5100

Email: samelsonrenee@gmail.com


Dr. Katy Irani

Tel: 518/869-0288

Email: Disagre34@aol.com


Pennsylvania Nominating Committee

Dr. Sherry Blumenthal - CHAIR

Tel: 215/233-3231

Email: sherry.blumenthal@gmail.com


Dr. Kurt Barnhart

Tel: 215/662-2974

Email: kbarnhart@obgyn.upenn.edu


Dr. George Neubert

Tel: 570/271-6298

Email: neubertag@gmail.com


Dr. Peter Schnatz

Tel: 484/628-8827

Email: peter.schnatz@readinghealth.org


Dr. Bethany Beasley

Tel: 919/624-8163

Email: bethany.beasley@gmail.com


Argentina Nominating Committee  

Dr. Silvio Alejandro Tatti - CHAIR

Tel: 5411-4803-7619

Email: siltatti@fibertel.com.ar


Dr. Alberto Jorge de Lucca

Email: ajdlo@yahoo.com


Dr. Samuel Seiref

Email: seirefsamuel@gmail.com


Dr. Claudia Travella

Email: ctravella@yahoo.com.ar


Maryland Nominating Committee

Dr. Mark Seigel - CHAIR

Tel: 301/528-8444

Email: mseigel@mac.com


Dr. Jessica Bienstock

Tel: 410/955-8487

Email: jbienst@jhmi.edu


North Carolina Nominating Committee 

Dr. Brenda Peacock - CHAIR

Tel: 252/946-6544

Email: bspww58@gmail.com


Dr. Frank Harrison

Tel: 704/365-3930

Email: rudy05@carolina.rr.com


Dr. William Brown

Tel: 252/757-0156

Email: wbrown@physicianseast.com


Ohio Nominating Committee 

Dr. Laura David - CHAIR

Tel: 216/381-2223

Email: ljdmd78@aol.com


Dr. Don Bryan

Tel: 614/457-4827

Email: drdonbryan@gmail.com


Dr. Thomas Burwinkel

Tel: 513/924-5550

Email: thburwinkel@aol.com  


South Dakota Nominating Committee 

Dr. Kevin Benson - CHAIR

Tel: 605/328-8750

Email: kevin.benson@sanfordhealth.org


Dr. Tony Sierra

Tel: 605/328-7700

Email: anthony.sierra@sanfordhealth.org


Dr. Ashley Briggs

Tel: 605/328-7700

Email: ashley.briggs@sanfordhealth.org


Dr. Keith Hanson

Tel: 605/328-7700

Email: keith.hansen@sanfordhealth.org


Kansas Nominating Committee 

Dr. Christopher Lynch - CHAIR

Tel: 913/236-6455

Email: clynchmd@joco-obgyn.com


Dr. Kent Bradley

Tel: 316/283-4153

Email: krbradley@aol.com


Dr. Kathryn Sawchak

Tel: 620/662-2229

Email: ksawchak@thewomansplace.net


Mexico Nominating Committee 

Dr. Francisco Ruiloba - CHAIR

Tel: 4119-9123-438

Email: frmgyne@gmail.com


Dr. Gilberto Tena-Alavez

Tel: 5255-5681-9733

Email: gilberto_tena@yahoo.com.mx


Dr. Ernesto Castelazo-Morales

Tel: 5255-5295-0754

Email: ecastelazom@gmail.com


Dr. Luis Uribe-Ramirez

Tel: 5233-3615-6388

Email: uribeamz@megared.net.mx


Missouri Nominating Committee 

Dr. George Hubbell

Tel: 573/480-1428

Email: ghubbell3@gmail.com


Dr. David Redfern

Tel: 417/839-5046

Email: dredfern.md@gmail.com


Dr. Gordon Goldman

Tel: 314/576-1733

Email: obgyndoc@me.com


Dr. Sandra Ahlum

Tel: 573/231-3108

Email: sahlum@hannibalclinic.com


Central America Nominating Committee 

Dr. Luis Villatoro - CHAIR

Tel: 505/721-0941

Email: lvillatoro@hotmail.com


Dr. Margarita Nolasco Beltran

Tel: 503/225-7302

Email: marnolascobeltran@yahoo.com


Dr. Eduardo Cordova

Tel: 503/226-36507

Email: eduardo_cordova@hotmail.com


Montana Nominating Committee 

Dr. Tyler Bradford - CHAIR

Tel: 406/994-9839

Email: tbradford@billingsclinic.org


Dr. William Peters

Tel: 406/587-9202

Email: wpeters@billingclinic.org


Dr. Tersh McCracken

Tel: 406/671-4505

Email: tershm@gmail.com


Utah Nominating Committee 

Dr. Alan Rappleye - CHAIR

Tel: 801/261-3605

Email: arappleye@mac.com


Dr. W. Lawrence Warner

Tel: 801/465-2559

Email: wlwarner@gmail.com


Washington Nominating Committee 

Dr. Judy Kimelman - CHAIR

Tel: 206/682-5800

Email: judykandbobm@comcast.net


Dr. Jennie Mao

Tel: 206/744-6290

Email: maoj@u.washington.edu


Dr. Constance Mao

Tel: 206/744-6290

Email: maoc@u.washington.edu


Dr. Holly Sato

Tel: 206/215-6300

Email: holly.r.sato@gmail.com


California Section 1 Nominating Committee

Dr. Stacey Wallach - CHAIR

Tel: 916/734-6938

Email: stacey.wallach@ucdmc.ucdavis.edu


Dr. Jeffrey Cragun

Tel: 916/983-3500

Email: jcragun@folsomprisonobgyn.com


Dr. Laurie Gregg

Tel: 916/927-3178

Email: drlauriegregg@hotmail.com



Navy Nominating Committee

Dr. Jason Heaton - CHAIR

Tel: 858/776-7488

Email: doctorheaton@me.com


Dr. Greg Moore

Tel: 404/385-3256

Email: gregory.moore@health.gatech.edu


Dr. William Leininger

Tel: 760/807-6923

Email: Bill_Leininger@alumni.williams.edu


Dr. Nancy Petit

Tel: 302/421-4771

Email: npetit@che-east.org; nancypetit@verizon.net


Dr. Adam Sischy

Tel: 757/953-4290

Email: adam.c.sischy.mil@mail.mil


Texas Section 3 Nominating Committee


Florida Section 1 Nominating Committee 

Dr. Arthur Clements - CHAIR

Tel: 850/877-7241

Email: aclements@nflwc.com

Dr. Julie DeCesare

Tel: 850/416-2418

Email: julie.decesare@med.fsu.edu

Dr. David Dixon

Tel: 850/894-0096

Email: djdixon@nflwc.com

Dr. Christopher Sundstrom

Tel: 850/982-6755

Email: chris.sundstrom@gmail.com


Dr. Tanya Evers

Tel: 850/431-5741

Email: tanya.m.evers@gmail.com



Florida Section 4 Nominating Committee 

The Florida Section 4 Nominating Committee will take place on Friday, August 7th. If you have any questions or comments about the candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the meeting.


Dr. J. Kell Williams - CHAIR

Tel: 813/259-8530

Email: jkwillia@health.usf.edu

Dr. Washington Hill

Tel: 941/356-9099

Email: washingtonhill@gmail.com

Dr. Megan Indermaur

Tel: 727/826-0795

Email: m.indermaur@yahoo.com 





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