2015 2018 Fellow Section Nominating Committees

Please contact your Section Nominating Committee Chair (contact info provided below for all Section Nominating Committees in the 2015-2018 election cycle) if you wish to give feedback on any of the official Section candidates listed on our website, or if you would like to know the date of the Nominating Committee Meeting. The Nominating Committee Meeting dates that have been conveyed to the ACOG National Office are listed next to their respective Committee. 


Chile Section Nominating Committee
Dr. Eghon Guzman - CHAIR
Email: eguzmanb@gmail.com

Dr. Eugenio Suarez
Email: eugenio.suarez@gmail.com 

Connecticut Section Nominating Committee
Dr. Philip Lahrmann - CHAIR
Tel: 860/430-5499
Email: philip.lahrmann340@gmail.com

Dr. Maryanne McDonnell
Tel: 860/646-1157
Email: mamcdmd@aol.com

Dr. Howard Shaw
Tel: 860/502-7207
Email: howardshawmd@gmail.com

New Hampshire Nominating Committee
Dr. Tina Foster - CHAIR
Tel: 603/653-3244
Email: tina.c.foster@hitchcock.org

Dr. Michele Lauria
Tel: 603/653-9306
Email: michele.r.lauria@hitchcock.org

Dr. Jerome Schlachter
Tel: 603/695-2900
Email: jerome.t.schlachter@hitchcock.org


New York Section 1 Nominating Committee
The New York Section 1 Nominating Committee will take place on Thursday, September 18th. If you have any questions or comments about the New York Section 1 candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the meeting.

Dr. Mitchell Essig - CHAIR
Tel: 212/779-8576
Email: mnessig@aol.com

Dr. Joanne Stone
Tel: 212/241-0535
Email: joanne.stone@mssm.edu

Dr. Sari Kaminsky
Tel: 212/423-6796
Email: sari.kaminsky@nychhc.org

Dr. Brian Wagner
Tel: 917/756-6169
Email: brian.wagner@mssm.edu

New York Section 4 Nominating Committee
Dr. Allen Ott - CHAIR
Tel: 631/283-0918
Email: aott46@yahoo.com

Dr. John Vullo
Tel: 631/321-4811
Email: jjvnyc@aol.com

Dr. Eva Chalas
Tel: 516/294-5440
Email: echalas78@hotmail.com

New York Section 7 Nominating Committee
Dr. Christine Herde - CHAIR
Tel: 845/471-2287
Email: cherde@mkmg.com

Dr. Adina Keller
Tel: 914/238-1803
Email: akeller@mkmg.com

Dr. Philip Lawrence Florio
Tel: 914/963-0284
Email: pf10533@aol.com 


New Jersey Nominating Committee
Dr. Francine Sinofsky - CHAIR
Tel: 732/254-1500
Email: drfan@earthlink.net

Dr. Joseph Apuzzio
Tel: 973/972-5557
Email: apuzzijj@njms.rutgers.edu

Dr. Gloria Bachmann
Tel: 732/235-7633
Email: bachmaga@rwjms.rutgers.edu

Dr. Ushma K. Patel
Tel: 908/208-2046
Email: upatel@saintpetersuh.edu


Georgia Nominating Committee
Dr. Pamela Gallup Gaudry - CHAIR
Tel: 912/898-5654
Email: pgallup3@comcast.net

Dr. John Moore
Tel: 404/255-8022
Email: jgmoore205@gmail.com

Dr. Sandra Reed
Tel: 229/226-8800
Email: reedmd1@gmail.com

Puerto Rico Nominating Committee
Dr. Eduardo Muniz - CHAIR
Tel: 787/281-0719
Email: ejmuniz@yahoo.com

Dr. Fidel Santos
Tel: 787/765-9652

Dr. Josefina Romaguera
Tel: 787/758-0037
Email: josefina.romaguera@upr.edu

Virginia Nominating Committee
Dr. Holly Purtiz- CHAIR
Tel: 757/466-6350
Email: hpurtitzmd@aol.com

Dr. Stephen Bendheim
Tel: 804/897-2100
Email: shbendheim@comcast.net

Dr. Wade Neiman
Tel: 434/239-7890
Email: wneiman1@aol.com


Indiana Nominating Committee
Dr. Jeffrey Rothenberg - CHAIR
Tel: 317/944-4080
Email: jeffroth@iupui.edu

Dr. Stephen Coats
Tel: 260/432-4400
Email: bvolz@isapin.com

Dr. Phil Eskew
Tel: 574/834-7962
Email: peskew@indiana.edu

Dr. Gregory Sutton
Tel: 317/415-6740
Email: gsutton@stvincent.org


Iowa Nominating Committee
Dr. Thad Anderson - CHAIR
Tel: 563/557-5959
Email: tlamd@aol.com 

Dr. Thomas Gellhaus
Tel: 319/356-7576
Email: tgell5@aol.com

Dr. Michael McCoy
Tel: 319/768-2750
Email: mikeobgynmccoy@lisco.com

Dr. Colleen Stockdale
Tel: 319/384-6849
Email: colleen-stockdale@uiowa.edu


Arkansas Nominating Committee
Dr. Stacie Pinter - CHAIR
Tel: 501/778-0427
Email: spintermd@gmail.com

Dr. Stephen Lefler
Tel: 479/785-2229
Email: sflefler45@gmail.com

Dr. Dean Moutos
Tel: 501/801-1200
Email: dmoutos@obgynmail.com

Mississippi Nominating Committee
Dr. Pat Chaney - CHAIR
Tel: 662/256-9331
Email: pchaneymd@aol.com

Dr. Wayne Slocum
Tel: 662/842-1161
Email: wslocum@nmhs.net

Tennessee Nominating Committee
The Tennessee Section Nominating Committee will take place on Monday, September 29th. If you have any questions or comments about the Tennessee Section candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the meeting.

Dr. Christopher Welsch - CHAIR
Tel: 731/660-8305
Email: ctwelsch@gmail.com

Dr. Ted Anderson
Tel: 615/434-6710
Email: ted.anderson@vanderbilt.edu

Dr. Martin Olsen
Tel: 423/439-8755
Email: olsen@etsu.edu 


Colorado Nominating Committee
Dr. Kimberly Warner - CHAIR
Tel: 303/861-3542
Email: kimwarner@mac.com

Dr. Carol Stamm
Tel: 303/281-4520
Email: castamm@earthlink.net

Dr. Margie Maeder
Tel: 303/861-1036
Email: margiep9@gmail.com

Dr. Stephen Stoll
Tel: 303/773-8333
Email: obgynstoll@comcast.net

Hawaii Nominating Committee
Dr. Raydeen Busse - CHAIR
Tel: 808/524-4055
Email: rbusse@hawaii.edu

Dr. Lori Kamemoto
Tel: 808/265-5771
Email: lkamemot@hawaii.edu 

New Mexico Nominating Committee
Dr. Eve Espey - CHAIR
Tel: 505/925-0687
Email: eespey@salud.unm.edu

Dr. Tony Ogburn
Tel: 505/272-3392
Email: jogburn@salud.unm.edu

Dr. Ben Curet
Tel: 505/296-7068
Email: bcuret@unm.edu

Oregon Nominating Committee
Dr. Marguerite Cohen - CHAIR
Tel: 503/235-9418
Email: mpcohen@teleport.com

Dr. Stella Dantas
Tel: 503/317-6427
Email: maddogcoutu@yahoo.com 

Dr. Peter Palacio
Tel: 541/323-3747
Email: drpalacio@vivagyn.com


California Section 2 Nominating Committee
Dr. Mibhali Bhalala - CHAIR
Tel: 650/299-2318
Email: mibhali@gmail.com

Dr. Joanne Perron
Tel: 831/521-1601
Email: joanneperronmd@gmail.com

Dr. Ashley Weinert
Tel: 707/481-0943
Email: weinera@sutterhealth.org


Army Nominating Committee
Dr. Randal Robinson - CHAIR
Tel: 210/567-4924
Email: robinsonr3@uthscsa.edu

Dr. Rick Burney
Tel: 650/804-4091
Email: roburney@stanford.edu

Dr. Cathleen Brown
Tel: 808/342-8907
Email: cathleen.m.brown.mil@mail.mil


Texas Section 2 Nominating Committee
Dr. Marlene Corton - CHAIR
Tel: 214/648-0399
Email: marlene.corton@utsouthwestern.edu

Dr. Ralph Anderson
Tel: 817/735-2198
Email: ralph.anderson@unthsc.edu

Dr. Claudia Werner
Tel: 214/648-3662
Email: claudia.werner@utsouthwestern.edu

Texas Section 5 Nominating Committee
Dr. Robert Schorlemer - CHAIR
Tel: 210/614-9400
Email: robschorlemer@sbcglobal.net

Dr. John O'Connor
Tel: 956/686-6588
Email: joconnor@rgv.rr.com

Dr. Jason Parker
Tel: 210/567-5051
Email: parkerj@uthscsa.edu

Dr. Luke Newton
Tel: 210/567-5051
Email: newtonla@uthscsa.edu

Florida Section 3 Nominating Committee
The Florida Section 3 Nominating Committee Meeting will take place on Wednesday, August 6th. If you have any comments or questions about the candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the meeting.

Dr. Gary DeVane - CHAIR
Tel: 407/740-0909
Email: garydevane@gmail.com

Dr. Cole Greves
Tel: 321/841-8555
Email: cole.greves@orlandohealth.com

Dr. Bruce Breit
Tel: 407/645-5565
Email: bbreit@womenscarefl.com

Dr. Alfred Moffet
Tel: 352/787-1535
Email: heinold@aol.com 

Florida Section 6 Nominating Committee
The Florida Section 6 Nominating Committee Meeting will take place on Monday, August 4th. If you have any comments or questions about the candidates, please contact any member of the Nominating Committee prior to the meeting.

Dr. Marcelo Barrionuevo - CHAIR
Tel: 954/247-6200
Email: barrionue@aol.com

Dr. Paul Gluck
Tel: 305/546-2340
Email: paulgluckmd@aol.com

Dr. John Diaz
Tel: 305/498-5048
Email: johnpdiazmd@gmail.com





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