ACOG Foundation - Green Choice Program

In 2013, with a lead gift from Joel I. Sorosky, MD, we created the Green Choice Program. 

This annual program fully-funds an activity or amenity selected by the active members of the Committee on Scientific Program, to benefit the annual meeting.  With your support, they are able to fund activities that enhance the attendee experience.

Past and present Green Coats encourage you to join their efforts and directly impact the annual meeting experience for all attendees.   

How to Give:

Stipends and Honoraria:

  • Stipends and honoraria from ACOG can be waived in writing, prior to services being rendered. ACOG will donate all waived funds to the ACOG Foundation Development Fund in honor of the donor. If properly waived, such funds will not constitute taxable income to the donor, but cannot be treated as tax deductions. Please contact Kathleen Kenny at for additional information.


  • Please make all checks payable to the ACOG Foundation and mail to: ACOG Foundation, 409 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC, 20024.

Credit Cards:

  • You may make one-time gifts or recurring donations with all major credit cards.