ACOG Foundation Endowments

Thank you to all past and present contributors.


The ABOG Educational Foundation Lectureship on Patient Safety and Quality Improvement

Established in 2013 by The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 


The Midge and Jim Breeden Women’s Health Endowment

Established in January 2016 by Dr. and Mrs. Breeden.


The Jim and Midge Breeden Lecture – President’s Program

Established in January 2011 by Dr. and Mrs. Breeden.


The John I. Brewer Memorial Lecture

Established in 1997 through a contribution from a trust.


Cutting Edge Topics in Ob-Gyn: The John E. Buster, MD, Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility Session

Established in 2013 by Sandra A. Carson, MD and Joe Leigh Simpson, MD.


The Samuel A. Cosgrove Memorial Lecture

Established in 1965 through a contribution from the Samuel A. Cosgrove Society.


The Irvin M. Cushner Memorial Lecture

Established in 1996 though directed contributions.


The Anna Marie D'Amico Lecture

Established in November 2007 by Dr. D’Amico. 


The Creighton L. Edwards, MD, Award in Compassionate Care

Established in 2013 by a grateful patient to honor Creighton Edwards, MD.


The John M. Gibbons, Jr, MD, Medical Student Lecture

Funded privately in honor and memory of former President John M. Gibbons, Jr., MD.


The Hale Lecture

Established in 2011 by current and former Executive Board Members to recognize and honor Dr. Ralph Hale's tenure as executive vice president.


The Benson and Pamela Harer Seminar on History

Established in 2011 by current and former Executive Board Members to recognize and honor Dr. Ralph Hale's tenure as executive vice president.


The Dr. Scott and The Honorable Dr. Nan Hayworth Junior Fellow Course

Established in 2011 through personal donations by Drs. Hayworth.


The Pete and Weesie Hollis Community Service Award

Endowed in 2011 by Dr. and Mrs. Hollis.


Gerald and Barbara Holzman Stump the Professors

Established in May 2007 through generous gifts from the Holzmans. 


The Connie and Harry Jonas, MD, Clinical Seminar

Established in 2013 through gift planning.


March of Dimes Annual Lecture

Established in 2001 through contributions from ACOG, the March of Dimes, and Richard Schwarz, MD.


The John and Marney Mathers Lecture

Established in 2002 by Dr. Mathers.


The Massingill Family Scholarship

Established in 2017 by Debbie and G. Sealy Massingill, MD.


The Pat Miller J-FIT Award

Established in 2015 by Dr. Miller.


The Martin - Peterson Global Health Scholar Award

Established in 2016 in honor Dr. Peterson.


The Edith Louise Potter Memorial Lecture

Established in 1993 through a bequest from Dr. Potter.


Cutting Edge Topics in Ob-Gyn: The Kathryn M. and Thomas F. Purdon, MD, Generalists Session

Established in 2013 by Dr. and Mrs. Purdon.


The Donald F. Richardson Memorial Lecture

Established in 1980 through a contribution from Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical.


The Morton and Diane Stenchever Lecture

Established in 1998 by Dr. and Mrs. Stenchever. 


The Howard Taylor International Symposium

Established with a gift from Dr. Howard’s estate in 1991.


The Eugene C. Toy, MD Texas Ob-Gyn Leadership Institute

Established in 2011 by Dr. and Mrs. Toy.

ACOG District II Richard N. Waldman, MD, FACOG and Elaine Mielcarski, CNM, MS, NP, FACNM Patient Safety Lecture
Established in 2018 to promote effective collaborative team-based care to enhance patient safety.

The Jenny and Keith White “Are You Smarter Than A Junior Fellow?” Session

Established in 2015 through gift planning by Dr. and Mrs. White.


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