ACOG Foundation - Armed Forces Donations

In our ongoing efforts to provide the highest level of education for our Armed Forces District Fellows, a super endowment was formed, named “The Armed Forces Distinguished Lectureship Fund.”

The investment income generated from this endowment will support several existing lectureships at the Annual District Meeting, including the distinguished and prominent Robert C. Cefalo and Michael K. Yancey Memorial Lectures, and will allow us to inaugurate the new John C. Hauth Air Force Lecture at the 2014 Annual District Meeting. Donations made to the Lectureship Fund will assist in securing the most knowledgeable and prominent speakers on women’s health at these lectures. 

In addition to the Lectureship Fund, the Junior Fellow Educational Fund was established to support travel expenses incurred by our Junior Fellows to the Annual District Meeting. The annual meeting is a worthwhile and important experience and we do not want Junior Fellows to miss this opportunity to attend due to travel expenses.  We hope that you will consider donating to this or the Lectureship Fund.

Ways to Give:


  • Stipends and honoraria from ACOG can be waived in writing, prior to services being rendered. ACOG will donate all waived funds to the ACOG Foundation Development Fund in honor of the donor. If properly waived, such funds will not constitute taxable income to the donor, but cannot be treated as tax deductions. Please contact Kathleen Kenny at for additional information.


  • If you would like to pay by check, please make it payable to the ACOG Foundation and mail to: ACOG Foundation, 409 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC, 20024.  Please include a note stating which fund your gift should be attributed to.