THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF OBSTETRICIANS AND GYNECOLOGISTS CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY FOR COLLEGE EXECUTIVE BOARD, COUNCILS AND COMMITTEES As a general rule, information discussed and generated in Executive Board, council and committee meetings should be kept confidential until a final document or report is issued. Neither staff nor members should publicly discuss specific details about ongoing projects. One reason for confidentiality is to avoid spreading misinformation. Until the process of generating a document formulating a position has been completed, the College's stand on a particular issue or question is subject to change. In addition, many College positions and statements have commercial impact, and premature release of information could be used by third parties, such as friends and associates of Board, council or committee members, for their personal benefit. A related but equally important issue is an action by an Executive Board, council or committee member on the basis of the College's "insider" information, taken before that information is made public. When such an action economically benefits the individual, it raises a serious conflict of interest issue. Reaffirmed by the Executive Board December 2001 coi/confidentialpolicy2001

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