Medicare Relative Value Units and Payment Indicators for 2020

ACOG’s Coding Department has assembled the latest Medicare updates for 2020 on codes typically reported by ob-gyns. The charts include information on these codes and their corresponding 2020 Relative Value Units (RVUs) and payment policies. For each procedure, information is provided on the RVUs assigned; global surgical days; whether Medicare will pay for an assistant at surgery or a co-surgeon; whether there is a payment adjustment for bilateral or multiple procedures; and payment when a physician performs only part of the global surgical package (that is, only the pre-operative or post-operative services).

Access the 2020 RVUs and Payment Indicators chart.

The introduction describes the method for calculating payment and any changes applicable to the current year. If you would like to view an explanation of this change, payment indicators, and a list of geographic indicators for your area, access our 2020 Medicare RBRVS Update and Payment Indicators Introduction document.

The 2020 conversion factor is $36.0896

More information about the Medicare Fee Schedule and RBRVS can be found on the CMS website.

Coding questions must be submitted via our Coding Ticket Database at



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